Which Open Source Ecommerce Carts Work with HostGator?

The number of online stores on the internet is rapidly increasing; therefore online businesses are becoming more and more competitive. To make sure that your online business succeeds you should choose a reliable hosting company for your store, and also make use of an excellent ecommerce application to help you manage your store. HostGator hosting for your online store will ensure its success because of its 99.9+% uptime, efficient technical support, and mind-blowing features. If you make use of HostGator, you can also instantly install one of the top shopping cart applications on your store using QuickInstall or Fantastico. The scripts available for instant installation are perfectly compatible with your HostGator server; this article reviews some of the top rated HostGator shopping carts.

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Magento – An Advanced Open Source Ecommerce Cart:

hostgator ecommerce shopping cartsOne of the most popular shopping carts used by high-profile online stores, Magento provides all the features you need to effectively run and manage your online store. It provides a diverse collection of superior yet easy to use features which include SEO tools, catalogue management, catalogue browsing, marketing tools, statistical reporting scripts, and order management tools and much more.

Using the catalogue tools you can easily introduce new products, remove products no longer sold, categorize the products, and input their features. With Magento Search Engine Friendly (SEF) URL auto-generation your website will improve in its SEO ranking, which will improve your online store’s traffic. Make use of this software to automatically generate coupons for the promotion of your products. Many different types of coupon like percentage discount coupon, free shipping coupon etc, can be quickly generated using Magento. It also supports many different payment gateways like e-checks, money orders, direct credit, and PayPal. Facilitate the customer with the payment options that are convenient for them.  The software will also provide reports on your sales and customers. Analyze your customers demand using these reports and improve your store’s income.

Make use of Magento open source ecommerce software along with HostGator hosting to ensure the success of your online store.

osCommerce – A Fast Software for your Online Store:

Another widely used shopping cart, osCommerce has been in use for over ten years. It has simpler and shorter code than Magento, so it loads faster. It provides all the basic functionalities to effortlessly manage your ecommerce store. You can manage your product catalogue; easily edit your product attributes; calculate delivery and taxes on your product; enable many different payment options; view the sales and customer statistics; customize the store layout. All these osCommerce features are available with Magento as well, but osCommerce lacks tools for SEO, doesn’t allow multiple images for one product and does not generate automatic coupons. Use osCommerce open source ecommerce software for a faster online store.

ZenCart- A User-Friendly software:

Like osCommerce, ZenCart focuses on the simplicity of code and interface, but it provides free add-on downloads for advanced features. It also provides tools for faster catalogue management, multiple payment options, options to generate deals on products, customize-able store layout, use of multiple images for one product and many more capabilities. It is faster than Magento, but it is not as SEO friendly or advanced as Magento.

You can also make use of commercial or open source ecommerce software not included in HostGator’s application library. Make sure that the script is compatible with HostGator by checking the system requirements for it. You will need to install the script manually which will take slightly longer. If you need help with the installation HostGator customer support will readily assist you.