VPS vs. Reseller Hosting

VPS (virtual private server) is a marketing phrase or expression, which is used by Internet hosting Services, and is intended to designate to run virtual machine for use, in total, by a customer of the service. The name virtual private server is indicated that the virtual machine is, while on working function, equivalent to a separate physical computer and VPS can be utilized to run as a server computer (server software). VPS runs in software of the same physical computer and dedicated to the individual customer’s needs. The VPS is also known as VDS (virtual dedicated server). VPS vs. Reseller Hosting will give you an insight of modern web hosting technology.

Different ways and forms of web hosting

With the advancement of technology, technocrats and scientist have devised many systems, Ways, methods, packages and forms of web hosting. Each web hosting process has its own advantages and disadvantages. Web Hosting ways and forms are classified as follows:-

  1. Large scale grid hosting where in many servers are clustered together with many nodes.These are devised for giant multi-purpose web hosting providers and big corporate organization.
  2. Home server, wherein a web user own a machine that hosts the owner’s website through an end-user internet connection.
  3. Shared web hosting, where in many websites are hosted within same server.
  4. VPS hosting, Virtual private server signifies its cardinal feature as privacy of all different forms and ways of hosting. VPS hosting and shared hosting are most popular now-a-days.

Difference between VPS and Reseller Hosting

vps vs reseller hosting

VPS vs. Reseller Hosting

VPS Hosting vs. reseller hosting have drawn the attention of web technocrats and customers at large. On extensive evaluation of all features of web hosting forms and packages are shared hosting and VPS hosting.  VPS vs. reseller  hosting draw the extensive attention of IT professionals, hosting companies, individual customer and corporate organizations as to determine which hosting web site is better than other in the background of suitability, efficacy, utility, cost and privacy. On identification of features of reseller hosting, it can be said that its packages are cheap, but its server is used/ shared by many hosting users. On the other hand VPS hosting has manifold advantages in terms of usage, utility, suitability, expansion of business. Reseller hosting provide a businessman or reseller hosting owner the opportunity to sell shared hosting and they can earn profit by selling hosting account.

Features of VPS vs. reseller hosting

Let us categorically examine the features of VPS vs. reseller hosting. Require to operate shared hosting are present in reseller hosting, but these are to be used totally by VPS hosting. No shared server or no shared e-mail server or no shared domain in these aspects VPS hosting is autonomous.

  1. VPS possesses a dedicated server, having advantages of Shared hosting and includes full copy of cpanel.
  2. Private E-mail server and IP Address:- shared web hosting way shares web server and e-mail server. It is seen in many circumstances shared mails servers handle millions of domains simultaneously at a pick time.
  3. In VPS hosting solution an organization can use its own email server, own IP which ensure accurate email delivery, start email reception and these keep privacy. These features of VPS hosting solution are primarily required by companies whose business runs on e-mails.
  4. Custom Security Policy:- VPS hosting platforms provide customized security in email in the field of pop/ smtp / imap / webmail, form, and VPS hosting allows SSL (secure socket layer)connection in e-mail. This guarantees privacy of email of the employees of the company. Thus the business of the company through email will not be jeopardized by hackers. VPS platforms ensures security and privacy.
  5. ON-SERVER ANTI-VIRUS SCANNING:-A VPS hosting solution has automatically provide on server Anti-virus scanning:- Most VPS hosting platforms includes automatic software devises that scans all viruses from incoming emails. This process protects attacks of viruses in VPS server and VPS e-mail server. This system of scan Scanning is totally non-existent in reseller hosting account. Moreover in VPS form the company provides its employees benefits of SSL (secure socket layer) connection. On server virus scanning process confers superiority of VPS hosting account over shared hosting accounts.
  6. Customizable Firewall:- Shared hosting does not contain and include the benefit of firewall and as such reseller hosting is helpless at the hands of hackers and absence of firewall has exposed the inability of reseller web Hosting to prevent hackers from accessing its server. If firewall is provided in reseller hosting, every one user will have to be given share of firewall to control panels, etc of the particular server, which will frustrate the advantage of firewall set-up. But in VPS hosting the picture is different. Because of its single environment, VPS hosting, having setting up of firewall, manifold facilities can be derived from firewall. In VPS environment firewall can be tuned/ locked to ensure access only those specific locations which the company decides to remain open. Other locations are locked by firewall. The company gets benefits against hackers. So in terms of benefits VPS hosting is above reseller hosting after considering the facts and difference between VPS vs reseller hosting. A growing company will surely choose VPS Hosting.

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