The stable and rock solid Asp hosting platform

Active server pages or ASP is considered to be dynamic and user friendly and ASP hosting thus remain popular among application based website owners or developers. ASP hosting is a web hosting service, provides access to ASP.NET application framework of Microsoft Corporation for hosting and building web based applications.

ASP – A comprehensive platform for interactive pages

An ASP or active server page is a wonderful programming platform that enables the creation of dynamic web pages which can respond fast to website users input. One of the interesting features of ASP is it helps you to create interactive web pages. ASP is the scripting solution for server side and it is very much reliable and stable platform. ASP is a comprehensive platform where search engine, forms, blogs, newsletters, calendar, polls survey and email modules are dependent or related upon web site users actions.

How to create dynamic pages?

During the initial stages of web development static pages fulfilled their purpose but soon it was perceived that some sort of dynamic was needed, especially in the browser where the pages are displayed, can be changed dynamically by some system process. These dynamic pages can be created though simple process like where you put instruction a web server to include a tiny amount of changeable information like current time or date. There are more complex but sophisticated facility where the whole pages can be created within a short period of time, by created dynamically in direct response to server input without html sitting in files. Microsoft is providing such process called ASP through its Internet Information Server or IIS.

ASP – Server Side Scripting

ASP is dynamic and its pages are very attractive and helps corporate running their enterprise efficiently and they are getting is a very good business return as well as value addition. ASP is considered as standard and universal scripting web solution and it is compatible with most browsers like Mozilla FireFox, Internet explorer or Google chrome etc. Your website will be viewed by any browser and that is achieved because ASP hosting server is using server side scripting.

Java Script and VB scripting languages are used in ASP hosting. In Asp hosting, web pages are using .asp extension instead of .htm or .html extension. The advantage of using .asp extension is that .asp enables a web-server to execute all the asps in the web page without passing any asp to the website browser. But there are some disadvantages of such process.

It is not possible to run a web page with .asp extension directly from browser only asp supported server can open and execute those .asp web pages. Microsoft is pioneer company to use Asp hosting technology on their web server. Different Microsoft operating systems like Windows 2003\ 2000 \ NT4 are designed to run ASP hosting. Windows 7 and Windows Vista are offering integrated support for ASP server. Before running ASP you need to install IIS or Internet information server. Microsoft also providing free version of IIS server called PWS for the purpose of hosting Asp. IIS or PWS can also be downloaded free in case it is not available with the operating system. But Windows XP home or Windows ME is not compatible to run IIS server or PWS.

Chilli Soft ASP

But people who are not using Microsoft as their hosting platform they are using UNIX, Linux or Solaris in their hosting server. For them Sun Corporation introduced a product called Chilli Soft ASP. This Chilli Soft ASP helps Linux or UNIX or Solaris hosting provider to use ASP hosting on different web servers like Apache etc. Chilli is using virtualization technology which enables other operating systems like Linux or Solaris to run ASP. It is always advisable to run Asp on a powerful server like vps or dedicated server to achieve optimal performance.

Why to choose Discount ASP Hosting?

Choosing a discount ASP hosting plan is somehow different from selecting normal hosting plans. The core idea behind an ASP hosting is that these servers already has Active Server Pages oriented technology installed on their server and they are ready to be executed. You have to choose carefully as most of the hosting service providers are asserting that their hosting packages are well-suited with all programming language platforms which does not necessarily mean that support for Asp platform is supplied. Therefore it is always better to choose asp hosting from the provider who is pioneer in providing such strong platform.

ASP Hosting- Easy to Upgrade

ASP is a simple platform despite its far reaching ability, it is very much similar to html and end user or web masters would be able to use this scripting language easily. Person without any prior knowledge and experience with website development should be able to grasp asp scripting language. There are lots of helpful applications that will also help a user to learn Asp fast. As windows are specially designed for Asp hosting therefore special consideration has to be taken before selecting ASP hosting. As a matter of facts Asp web hosting server helps different organization to manage and upgrade their website when required.

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