Nature Friend Green Web Hosting with Hostgator

Mother nature silently weeps, as we humans create havoc of using carbon emission, toxic metals polution and deforestation. All of these factors are adding up to a global warming causing increase in temperature, depletion of world’s ice reserves, forest fires and more. It is important to use sustainable energy sources in data centers around the globe to not unduly burden our natural resources. Part of this problem is a solution known as green web hosting.

Green Web Hosting with Hostgator

Green Web Hosting with Hostgator

Green web hosting arise from the concept of running the datacenter operation by using eco-friendly electric power source from natural and renewable power source and making the hosting datacenters safe from pollution hazards.
If we consider the statistics on Internet usage, we will be amazed to see that the extensive usage of Internet Globally and in USA alone the rate is almost up to 1000% per year and consequently electricity bill are rising proportionately with the Internet usage growth rate. In the coming years wide spread Internet related activities will generate heat and pollution due to excessive utilization and use of electricity to run the High end datacenter. Datacenters are consuming more electricity nearly 4% of Global electricity consumption.
If we see the industry wise power consumption, with the rapid spread of Internet web hosting data centers we find that they are increasing their capacity in regular manners. With the introduction of high end servers and their cooling mechanism they are consuming lots of electricity resources. Cooling plants are being set in datacenter in regular manners to keep the high end servers cool that is also consuming lots of electricity.
Actually Green Web Hosting is the solution to combat pollution and create eco friendly world and our future generation will breathe in a congenial circumstances owing to green web.
Green Web Hosting by planting trees in huge areas especially in open and barren land and recycling of wastes, utilization of hydro electricity will reduce pollution and consequently less heat generated by servers. The more the companies pay attention to utilize natural resources to minimize server generated heat, the more salubrious impact of green web hosting will help clear the climate and atmosphere from pollution.
Eco friendly web hosting providers had endeavored to devise a systematic procedure to reduce pollutions of heat endangered by working of tones of thousands of servers at this age by taking recourse to alternative source of creating electricity energy, which alleviates evils of heat, dust, carbon and many pollutants that would vitiate our good earth. Green hosting is a solution of companies to free our mother nature and environment from dangerous evils that threaten mankind.
In real life scenario only 3 % web hosting companies are going green.  Although the number is increasing. If we consider the cost factor for web hosting companies, they are either generating power from sources like solar, wind or other eco-friendly sources. But all the companies are not in a position to set up their own power unit. Green Web Hosting companies are subscribing power generated from Hydro electricity or wind power source providers and they are also buying carbon credits. Cost of going for eco-friendly power is 31% more than the conventional electricity.
Alternative methods of creating electricity are utilization of wind power and solar power to generate electricity and to take help of the tidal wave of ocean to run turbine for creation of electricity. These are the measures the web hosting companies may consider for reduction of pollution and to create eco-friendly environment with the advancement of civilization, web hosting companies have compulsion to increase thousands of servers but with nature friendly hosting the world will be free from pollution.
Zero pollution creation should be the motto of the web hosting companies. And the alternative sources of generating electricity are use of recycling materials, use of bio gas and solar and hydro power rendering confidence to the world population that the web hosting companies are not creating pollution.
Before buying any pc or consumer durables we see how much Energy star compliant with the product, are well appreciated by consumers because of its eco-friendly features. The same awareness would help us to choose hosting provide vis-à-vis a Green web hosting.
Several steps towards eco-friendly Green web hosting are:
1) Use of eco-friendly electricity
2) Up gradation of  old energy consuming servers to energy efficient servers
3) Introduction of energy efficient cooling system
4) Use of Solar operated system
5) Use of Virtual Servers
6) Encourage employees to use public transport system
7) Upgrade energy consuming appliances at datacenter
8) Introduction of Paper free Invoicing System
9) Purchase of carbon Credits

A new world with pure air, pure water, pure land will be created if the web hosting companies devote much attention to Green Web Hosting projects. Hostgator is one of the companies making an effort for green hosting.
Apparently Green Web Hosting will give smile among the children of the new generation because they will work in eco-friendly Internet System.

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