Multiple domains with a single Hostgator hosting account

Here is a situation, you have two, three or more domains and you want to host them all with a single hosting account. These domains can include an ecommerce site along with a blog or forum. Some hosting companies don’t allow it but with Hostgator you can have any number of domains and you can use them with a single hosting account as long as it is not as long as it’s not a Hatchling web hosting account. You can use those Baby Hosting, Business Hosting, Reseller, VPS and Dedicated Server accounts and will be able to manage multiple domains.

A case for multiple domains on single hosting

You may ask why you would manage multiple domains from a single hosting account. It has several advantages first you save a lot of money by us using one hosting account to manage multiple domains and websites. It’s also easy to manage domains because you have one point of control for all of your domains.  Last but not least you don’t have to remember several different passwords for each of hosting account.

Get your hosting up

So how do you go about setting up multiple domains with single hosting account?  When you sign up for Hostgator you define a primary domain this domain is used by Hostgator to define a primary DNS server for you. Once your primary setup is complete you will have access to a cpanel control panel. Hostgator has cpanel available with most hosting accounts however they are optional with VPS and dedicated server accounts. In most cases it’s worth signing up for cpanel.

Setup your domains.

Setup your multiple domains with file manager

Setup your multiple domains with file manager

Simply login to you cpanel account and locate file manager. Create separate folders for each of your domains this will allow you to keep your files separate for each of your domain and you won’t mix up photos, templates or other files from one domain to another. You can use your domain names as folder names to keep things simple. Once these folders have been created you can find them multiple domains icon in cpanel and use it to map each of these folders to different domains. This completes all the basic steps needed. Next step is to install your shopping cart, blogging app or other CMS system that you wish to use. Cpanel comes with Fantastico module. Fantastico has to be however turned on by Hostgator or through your WHM account. Login to your cpanel account and find Fantastico, you will see several applications ready for install. Simply choose the package you would like to install and install it in the desired folder. Most packages require a database, you can use cpanel or phpmyadmin to create separate databases for each of your packages.

Repeat for more results.

If you decide to add more domains simply repeat this process until you run out of disk space or available resources on CPU.


So what are the disadvantages off hosting multiple domains on a single hosting account. Major disadvantages are same as putting all of your eggs in one bucket. If your hosting account goes down for any reason it will bring all of your sites down as well. If you are hosting sites which are just starting out with low traffic this might be okay but if you are running business critical apps such as high traffic shopping cart it might be a major issue for you. You will have to balance economy with availability and risk. Its good idea to start out with shared hosting but then as traffic grows, move your sites to separately VPN or dedicated accounts.  Additional disadvantages may arise from shared IP address.  SSL certificate can become a major issue with hosting multiple domains.

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