How hosting speed can make or break your business

Discount Hosting Speed is one of the determining factors that decide the success of business of both ends of web hosting i.e. web hosting users and web hosting providers. Web hosting speed is your ideal source as to find the fastest web hosting speed provider in the market you will find many web host providers. As user and website master or business owner of website, it will be your greatest achievement if you can sign with right hosting speed provider company. Now-a-days Hosting Speed has become one of the most determining and deciding main factors (not the sole factor) in selecting a web hosting provider. Hosting Speed decides destiny of both web hosting speed website owner and web hosting company. If a page takes long period to load, what will happen?

Effect of hosting speed on users

Web hosting speed directly affects patience of users and thunders on the patience of people. You do not expect that users/visitors will wait for hours to see your site will open and pages are loaded. Exceeding optimum time of 20 seconds for opening site will annoy users/ visitors/ customer and they will click off and will not tolerate that your pages are loaded slowly. Website owner will have to incur huge monetary loss due to slow hosting speed, since users cease to use website. Likewise, slow hosting speed Provider Company will face financial loss as website hosting user companies will withdraw and delink with them.

Duties and responsibility of web hosting speed users- website owners

Website master or speed hosting user should ensure speedy loading of loading of pages with rapid speed, quality of content, keywords, links, space, bandwidth etc to meet with requirements of his company to fulfill demands and needs of his customers/visitors.

Need for hosting speed

Delay in loading pages will cause gradual decay of the reputation of web hosting provides and they will lose market. To a webmaster or speed hosting user TIME is golden and DELAY is ruinous. A user always needs hosting speed. Discount Hosting Speed user should see that hosting speed depends on many factors

  1. Size of web page
  2. In what time a page is loaded for a given modem speed
  3. Hosting speed is related to use of graphics. Lesser the use of graphics, faster will be hosting speed
  4. Flash pages take longer time for loading
  5. Make codes simple and edit. No use of WYSIWYG, if possible

Examine connectivity of hosts’ network with reference to quality and bandwidth.

An example will focus the true perspective. A highway with several lanes can accommodate greater number of cars running in lanes with high speed in a highway. Similarly a net work with web connections and greater bandwidth allotment is able to carry and load greater number of data.

Recently many speed hosting providers use OC(optical carrier) lines. But still now many speed hosting providers rely on T1 or T3 connections to internet. So a virtual website owner should verify the kind of connections the potential host is using. A site owner should analyze the availability of number of connections & bandwidth in T1 & T3 lines and will see that T1 connections are from satisfactory and not adequate for web hosts traffic volume. So the reputed hosting speed providers use abundant T3 lines to ensure that customers’ site needs remain affirmative & sufficiently be responsive.

In many cases speed hosting provider allots less than 50% of its available bandwidth and over-burdened network connection’s performance is reduced consequently. So a website business doer should check speed hosting provider’s usage and its server’s capability. Furthermore for speed hosting you should check if or not speed hosting provider uses multi-homing (more than one connection to the internet), which ensure you observe the ongoing process of pinging. You note the value in terms of time. The lower the value, it is better. It measures hosting speed response of the host provider’s internet websites. It means the website you are trying to ping is responding & opening pages very rapidly. High response time indicates that hosting speed is very low. You are to see number of sites shared in server of speed host provider. The more numbers of sites shared by server of your Hosting provider, the slower will be the slower will be the speed of loading of pages in your computer at receiving end user. Hosting speed will be reduced if hosting provider allows sharing server where graphic loads and traffic loads are greater and hinder hosting speed of loading of your pages loading your pages in your computer at this user end .Delay begets sorrow for you as you have to suffer from monetary loss. Another deterrent factor causing delay in hosting speed is Latency. Proximity between user and hosting speed provider helps hosting maintain high hosting speed, where as much distance between them retards hosting speed. Other factors the hosting users should keep into mind. These are: Terms, reviews, up time and support facilities offered by hosting speed provider.

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