5 things to look for when choosing blog hosting

For a person thinking of starting their own blog, things can be a bit confusing to begin with. After all, there are so many decisions to make, many of which will depend upon just how technologically savvy you are. Other factors, which you will choose to examine, are whether or not you should go in for a commercial, that is a paid platform, or else, go for a free provider. Then you’ll have to decide whether to choose typepad or wordpress. Another choice that you might decide to make is to begin with some free provider and then upgrade at a point when you feel your blog is a success. Here are  5 things to look for when choosing blog hosting.

1. Now, the first step that you need to take is to be very clear about your goals when starting a blog in the first place. A lot of the decisions you make will depend on those goals. Remember however, that no tool is indispensable. And that how you deal about things can be quite as important as the particular tools you use. Now to consider our goals, one of the things you need to ask yourself is just how serious you are about blogging. Do you intend to go for this as a long term venture, or is your blogging just a temporary goal?  The answer to that question can be crucial, as the platforms that will support long term blogging are very different from those chosen by people who blog as a hobby.

2. The second thing to consider  when choosing blog hosting is, of course, just how much money you have. I don’t need to tell you how crucial this can be to any plans you might make. If you have absolutely no extra money to allocate to your blogging, you have no choice but to go for a platform that entirely free of cost. This can have rather serious ramifications for your blog, as I will explain a little later. For now, suffice it to say that paying for your own hosting as well as for your own domain is generally thought to be preferable, because in paying for a domain you control the content on your domain. Another aspect you might want to consider if you have some available cash, is whether to go for a free theme or to pay a little extra for a theme that is easier to edit. There are even more advanced services available, such as having personalized theme designed for you.

3. The third set of factors is your own level of experience with blogs and whether or not that level of experience will allow you in depth editing. A little effort of your part can enable you to master methods and techniques that can make your blog far more successful. But if you aren’t able or unwilling to do this, your only option is to choose a platform that is far more user friendly. The third alternative, if you have money to spare, is quite simple – to pay someone to handle these details, so you can concentrate on actually working on your blog instead.

4. Fourthly, a lot of people who start out with free blogs find, as time goes on, that they really should have gone with a paid provider instead. Firstly, if you use a free service, you cannot have your own name for your blog. But a far more important consideration, if you go with a free service, is that, generally speaking, you are not allowed to own a content you create. This is really a crucial consideration, because it has practical, as well as legal ramifications. The practical consideration is that your service provider, if it happens to be hosting your blog for free, can actually delete your blog  at any point in time without having to justify itself to you in any way. The legal ramifications to not owning your own content is that you might have serious problems later if you want to publish your writings in a separate medium or project, for example, if you want to include your writings in a book.

5. A last important factor to consider when choosing blog hosting is that commercial hosting providers can do a great deal to enhance your blogs exposure on the internet, whereas a free hosting provider is not really interested to help you to make money, for example, on a commercial scale. As I said, being clear about your goals can be crucially important. If you intend eventually to earn on your blog, for example, by hosting adds on it, you need to decide whether or not it isn’t really better to pay the fifteen dollars or so that takes to own your blog completely.

Choosing Blog Hosting

choosing blog hosting

If you are taking up blogging as a hobby, choosing blog hosting is not an issue and just about any free provider will do for you. But if you intend to make this a serious preposition, it’s certainly worthwhile to take the trouble to learn the technical skills that you need and to research the right paid provider, one who will not only provide you with the right facilities, but who will also maximize your exposure on the internet.

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