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Which HostGator Account is Cheapest for Hosting?

HostGator is one of the best hosting company in the world because of its reliability, technical support, competitive pricing, and multitude of other features. When hosting with HostGator you have several different plan options. Choose one of HostGator cheapest hosting account for web hosting.

hostgator cheapest web hosting planhostgator cheapest web hosting plan


Choose the cheapest HostGator account for your Needs:

Before choosing a HostGator plan, you should determine your needs. Decide how many websites you need to host, what kind of SSL certificate will work for you, for what time span do you want to host your website, and whether you want a Linux or Windows server.

If you need hosting for only one website, then the cheapest hosting plan to choose is Hatchling. You will have the ability to expand your website as much as you want because of unlimited number of subdomains and unrestricted disk space. You can get this plan for a price as low as $4.95 per month. However, if you think you will need multiple domains then HostGator cheapest hosting account for you is the Baby plan. With this plan you can host unlimited websites for just $7.95 monthly fee.

If you need hosting for your online store, then you need to ensure that your server has a SSL certificate to ensure its security. All HostGator web hosting plans come with free shared SSL certificate. These certificates provide the essential protection to your customers, but if you will be taking credit card payments then your website user’s browser will pop up a warning about the safety of your website. Therefore, your customers will be hesitant about buying from your store. So you need to get a private SSL for your server. HostGator cheapest hosting account for you would be business plan. You can get this plan for just $12.95. You can also opt for Baby plan and get a private SSL for it, but it will cost a yearly fee of $100 – $150. If you own a small business that accepts PayPal payments, then the Hatchling or Baby plan will work perfectly well.

If you know that you would be keeping your site on the web for a very long time then you should opt for a three year contract for the plan of your choice, this will drastically reduce your hosting expense. For example, if you want a non-contract service on your hosting then you will need to pay $2 to $4 extra every month. You can even try out HostGator using the non-contract service, and if you are not satisfied your will get a refund. Choose a three year plan for HostGator cheapest hosting account.

Unless you really need the support for Windows based applications and scripts, you should opt for Linux hosting plans. With Windows hosting you will be paying at least $1 extra every month. Linux servers provide support for many scripts and web applications, and whenever possible you should find the Linux alternative to the Windows application you want to support.

Get Easy Upgrades on Your HostGator Account:

You decision for HostGator cheapest hosting account is not final. You can always upgrade your account to a better plan for free. If you are upgrading to another shared web hosting plan then you just need to fill out an “upgrade form” available at HostGator.com. Your account will be automatically upgraded without any server changes. The upgrades are free, but if you upgrade halfway through the month then you will be charged half the difference between the two plans in addition to your previous plan’s fee. For Example if you upgrade from Hatchling to Baby Plan half way through the month you will be charged $1.5 extra for that month with your Hatchling plan fee.