Why cPanel web hosting is great for beginners

With the amount of sites in the internet, competition is intense, and it can be quite difficult for various owners of websites to operate effectively, because staying operational means competing with all the other websites that operate in your particular online niche. This task is made much harder if you happen to be a smaller organization that can’t afford to put as much money into your web site construction. In the old days this lack of funds could be a serious issue, especially for smaller businesses that could not afford to hire sufficient expertise to allow them to compete with economic giants.

Then things began to change. Joomla appeared on the scene, allowing a user to change the content on the site very easily and making the site much more manageable. This allow businesses to cut costs to a considerable extent as even reasonably technically skilled employees could now maintain and manage the company’s website. Indeed, when companies spend to upgrade their sites these days and hire web designer, they usually do so when they only need much more complex designs than their own teams can provide. They hardly ever turn to a web design specialist for minor uploading of content and managing of the company site. The best part is that Joomla has now become even easier to operate and manage with the new cPanel system in place.

HostGator Control Panel

HostGator Control Panel

So what exactly is cPanel web hosting and how does this system function? The cPanel system is a higher level interface for Joomla. It allows different levels of security and access, depending on the user’s privileges while at the same time allowing specialists working on a single project  the ability to access the same data and work on the same information and content.

So what really makes cPanel web hosting so special? What makes it special that it is intuitive and automated. It allows you access to every section of your site and allows you to find every aspect of it. It’s operation is self obvious, even for someone using it for the first time while those with more experience can exert a powerful control over design and operational aspect of the site. Even a beginner can generally manage domain names, site based email addresses, as well as subdomains.

Slightly more advanced users can operate MySQL databases as well as effortlessly operate upon and change the content of the site using effortless FTP access. Now when your company chooses a host, you need to ensure that that host, if they provide cPanel as part of their service, provides a full version of cPanel and not only with highly limited functions. Considering the considerable capabilities of cPanel web hosting, it’s well worthwhile to pay a little extra and so ensure that you have complete control over your online presence.

I might point out though, that if your organization is a little short of funds, you can always choose a limited version of cPanel. Just insure in advance that it is possible for you to upgrade to the full version should you at some time choose to do so. One more advantage that cPanel possesses when compared to other sorts of site builder and control panels is that it can incorporate a considerable set of modules, such as a sophisticated RV SiteBuilder and the equally useful SiteReptile. With modules like these even a limited knowledge of web design allows you to harness crucial tools like Joomla and WordPress, as well as a great many more versatile design tools.

Another things that I like about cPanel is that it has adequate security and that can run on a Linux platform. It also has considerable defenses against spam and unnecessary emails. These defences can be even more useful than you can imagine as the inbox can provide a getaway to hackers, allowing you to hack into your site and to even wrest control from you, completely destroying all the work and effort you and your company put into it. You might think that this is the extent of cPanel, but actually cPanel only contains so many functions that it is difficult to describe them all adequately.

For example, it’s got an excellent system for installing scripts called the Fantastico installer. This script installer allows you to install scripts at the click of your mouse and is excellent for those with a medium or even low level of technical skills. Rather then spending time on learning how to use complex web design tools, one can concentrate on the actual web designing itself which can save one time, money and effort.

These are some of the reasons why cPanel web hosting is great for beginners. For those aspects of it that might seem too complex to a person who are using it for the first time, a simple online search will put lots of help  and learning resources at his or her disposal, so it is possible to master even the most complex components of cPanel.

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