Top Tips for Cheap Reseller Hosting

Cheap reseller hosting is an excellent way to get started in hosting business. It provides a proven model for those who understand how to work with severs. It is increasingly becoming popular option for entrepreneurs looking to profit from online services. It allows you to run a hosting business without the upfront investment and monthly expense of running physical infrastructure needed for hosting. A traditional hosting business has to employ hundreds of employees, it has to hire accountants to run payrolls and file for taxes, it has to rent warehouse, severs, switches and install utilities to run this infrastructure. By finding cheap reseller hosting you can bypass all these over heads and get right down to business. Finding a low cost reseller hosting provider is a key decision.

Cheap reseller hosting

Hostgator Cheap Reseller Hosting

When looking for cheap reseller hosting its important to define and evaluate different providers on critical hosting factors. Here are some important factors that you should consider when looking for a reseller accounts.

Scale is Vital:

Resellers typically start out with a small reseller account but as any business they should aspire to scale and grow big. As you signup customers you will find that you will quickly need more resources. It’s important to find a service provider who will allow you to scale and grow big. Look for a hosting provider who won’t slap you with unnecessary fees or worst shut you down if one of your customers start consuming extra resources. There are resellers who find that they get shut down after one or more of their customers start using CPU resources on host server excessively.

Support Can Make or Break Your Business:

Price is critical when you are starting out however having full support of service provider with you is even more critical. If your customer calls you with an issue or down website you cannot expect them to wait and lose revenue opportunities. You should expect fast service from your hosting service provider. Find what type of support and helpdesk options your service provider has. Do they provide support forum, is there option for online chat and most vital a phone number that you can call and get help at any time of the day. Don’t just trust having these options available. Do test calls, create test cases to see how quickly their customer service gets back to you. Its also important to consider their service hours. Having 24×7 service can make all the difference.

Know your trade off in Cheap

When looking for cheap reseller hosting know what you are trading off in return. It could be that you are working with a hosting provider who is further up the chain and runs its own data warehouse. It could also be that you are working with a provider who is not offering a cheaper distribution of applications. It could also be that one hosting provider is offering you more extras as freebees; these might include control panel applications or unlimited use of server resources. Some hosting providers go as far as providing a free phone number for your new reselling business. Take all these in to account if you need these. Don’t mix your needs with your wants when going through this list. If you are on budget scale things down and only consider most crucial of the extras.

Tools to measure and adjust

Minimum downtime and maximum performance should be the motto of any service that you provide. Look for any tools that you’re hosting service provides such as; up server ping service, site analytics and traffic reports. These can come handy in keeping an eye on your hosting business.

When looking for cheap reseller hosting, always weight benefits against the price. Know what you will be missing out by paying less. We recommend going with Hostgator and maximizing your hosting with budget with a Hostgator reseller coupon.

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