How to host sites that are ready for selling

A modern man needs different avenues to earn money while he decides to sell his websites to meet the expenses to venture on a new project. A user of website or Internet should know the expertise as how to host site that are ready for selling.

Selling HostGator Sites

An entrepreneur, an individual, a concern or a company creates/ uses its own website for business or for manifold purposes on the Internet. Selling hostgator sites is to be comprehended from different perspective and angels. First, purposes for selling sites are to be explored. Why the selling sites are required? A website user deals in site for business, dissemination of knowledge, for sale of his products, for e-commerce, etc. for earning money. His site originates from a hosting service provider companies server on shared server.

It depends on website hosting basis, or through resellers’ web hosting package formulation pattern. Any how a user may face situation for selling his site. He may venture to proceed to do new business or project or he gets no time do his website operation due to personal reasons. So he needs to sell his site. For reselling hosting the user has many options and ways to materialize selling hosting. To get money by selling his web Site is his motive. A seller or user has many ways before him for selling site.

Mode of transferring domain ownership

Selling website as well as transferring Domain ownership open new horizon in the field of web business, so to say Internet business. It has become popular money earning affair. Here are present novice sellers, coming first time to try his luck in the field of selling sites. On the other side marks the presence of multi-million dollar companies that control of thousand of websites, servers and domains. Small or big, whoever there in the market of selling sites, should be conscious and cautious of the presence of substantial numbers of frauds and cheaters to deceive inexperienced website sellers. Once the website is sold and control of site and domain is transferred, the seller will lose his ownership. If the buyer wants to transfer the domain control from one provider to another then there are some steps to follow. A request for transfer followed by the use of domain secret security password is a must and a request to transfer will be sent to ICANN authorities. ICANN will review the request and domain will be transferred to new provider with a week. A buyer can change the website admin address and contact information from control panel.

selling hostgator sites

Changing website address and contact information

How to sell a website?

As a seller of sites you should have prior ground works as to sell price, mode of payment by buyer and the business of buyer. A seller of site has many options how to sell his site.

  1. Direct negotiation with buyer
  2. Internet Website auction marts
  3. Through brokers in net
  4. Broker company’s office.

You may avail of any option to selling site. Each option has its own pros and cons. Intermediate broker companies will charge heavy brokerage and commissions that may eat away your sale price and profit.

The middleman companies cannot be branded as greedy and dishonest. To the big selling seeking concern, auction or proceeding through intermediate agency or broker or middleman the selling of website is the most suitable alternative. To a small site seller direct sell is preferable with prior verification of buyers. Big concern may take recourse to direct selling of its website for fetching higher price and profit with prior investigation. All sellers of site should frame terms & conditions of sell. It is the compulsory duty of all buyers of website to do prior investigation of websites which are offered for sell.

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