7 things to watch for in shared web hosting

Of course, every business wants an online presence, and the only way to achieve it is to either to set up your own server or simply hire space and a domain name from one of the numerous web hosting companies. However, some of these web hosting companies can be quite expensive, depending of course upon the kind of services and facilities that you need. If you find that the cost of running your site is coming to more than you can afford, you can opt for a sharing hosting plan that can considerably reduce price of hosting.

shared hosting

shared web hosting Plans

So how does a shared hosting service work? In a shared service the server, or servers, and all the facilities provided by the company are shared equally among their clients. This is a system that really works quite well while considerably reducing the operating cost of running a website. A shared web hosting service can usually provide you with all the bandwidth that you need and a great many facilities, and usually at a rate that your company can afford. Here are a few points that you should hold in mind when going for shared web hosting.

1. How reliable is the provider you are looking at? Reliability is always an issue with shared web hosting services, because they have so many clients and host the websites of so many companies. You need to ask your potential web hosting company about the reliability of their service. You also need to do some searches on the net and see what people say about this company. Check whether their clients seem to be satisfied with their service or whether anyone is complaining about intrusions, hacking or even simply failed or intermittent service. These are issues that are far more rare when you choose a dedicated host, but if you choose to go for shared web hosting, they are issues that a good shared web hosting company will guard against. You just need to shop around a bit, that’s all.

2. Honesty. Again, a customer has very little option but to try and check up on customer feedback over the net. But the honesty of your provider is a matter of crucial concern. However, knowing the usual issues that might arise can be very useful. One of the important things to check or to ask about, even after you take up the service, is just what you are billed for. Sometimes a provider may claim that an upgrade of hosting will give you all sorts of extra facilities, which may or may not be true. Just ensure that you pay for a service that you genuinely receive rather than being cheated by an unscrupulous provider.

3. Make sure your company keeps its promises. This is just an addendum to the previous point, but it can be just as crucial. A company may promise you all sorts of facilities, and this is generally a very good thing, so long as, of course, they keep those promises. For example, a company may promise you a certain amount of web addresses or add-on domains. Incredible as it may seem, sometimes a company that promises these things, does not think its necessary to follow through on their promises after you actually buy in to the domain. Check for customer feedback as usual to ensure that you get a fair deal.

4.  How stable is the software platform that is the basis for the server? Now this may seem rather a technical question, but it is nevertheless a very important one. While upgrades that make the server are more efficient and offer more facilities are very good, of course, it’s nevertheless crucial that the basis of software of the server remains more or less stable. Why is this so important? Just think about it: you’ll be installing a lot of programs as well as software on your website to ensure its efficiency. The core software configuration of the server must not change tot he extent that you are no longer able to run the applications upon which your website is based. Once again, customer feedback is just about the best way you have of insuring that a provider meets your specifications.

5. You should also ensure that there are not too many clients requesting bandwidth from a number of servers that is too few to provide for them.

6. Ensure that your provider gives you an adequate number of site building tools to ensure that you can adequately construct your website at the minimum possible extra expense.

7. Lastly, ensure that they have sound the clock technical support, as well as the server and network functioning.

Of course, there are a lot of other factors that you need to take care of, but actually setting up a web site on a shared web hosting should be a fairly straightforward matter if you get these seven things right.

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