Why VPS Hosting on Hostgator Rocks!

Hostgator’s VPS hosting has several advantage for bloggers and ecommerce users. Who need faster sites with high uptime and availability. It can provide high uptime along with higher level of security compared to shared hosting plans. Generally VPS has advantages in CPU time, memory and disk space availability. These resources are in short supply in the shared hosting plans resulting in below par performance and site accessibility. Short of a dedicated server, VPS hosting provides best way to get full control over server stack software.

Hostgator’s VPS hosting

VPS Hosting on Hostgator

Shared hosting is generally less stable because hundreds if not thousands of websites hosted on the same physical server. This pushes different websites against each other, as each website tries to complete for CPU and memory resources. Besides this each website is running is the same virtual memory resulting in poor security.

Virtual Private Server or VPS splits a sever in to numbers of virtual servers at operating system level. Once these virtual server are launched, each acts as separate independent behaving more like a dedicated server. This allows you to have full access as root, allowing better customization. Hostgator goes a level beyond this, they offer the option to have a WHM and cpanel add on to every VPS account. This is a power full feature which can be used to manage multiple cpanel accounts from a single WHM account. Each cpanel account in terms has the ability to manage and host multiple domain names. Besides the control panel key advantage of going with for Hostgator VPS is to get root level admin access to your server. This allows you to install or delete any software, create any accounts, set permission, effectively all the same things you can do on a dedicated server at a cost comparable to shared hosting services. Hostgator VPN is an excellent service for mission critical websites and businesses.

Only major disadvantage of VPS is complexity of managing your own server. This can be daunting task at first, it might require familiarizing yourself with basics of networks and web applications. WHM and cpanel package however goes long way in helping you get started. Additional information on Hostgator deals and coupons is available on our deals page.

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