VPS Hosting with HostGator VPS Hosting

These days one of the best ways to spread a word about your company is by hosting a website. Marketing your company or your products via website is cheap and very effective mainly because it reaches out to more number of people in lesser amount of time. You can choose between shared hosting or get a dedicated server just for yourself. But if you do not have the budget to own a dedicated server or if you are dissatisfied with the performance of a shared hosting then Virtual Private Servers or VPS is the best bet for you. With VPS you can run multiple operating systems in one server.

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VPS Hosting with HostGator

Lately there are many companies that offer VPS hosting services; they may be unmanaged hosting, wherein the customer has to monitor his server by himself or unlimited hosting, wherein there is no limit in the data transfer quantity.

What is HostGator VPS Hosting?

Hostgator hosting was formed in 2002 and it is considered as one of the best hosting company for its high quality hosting services and packages. Hostgator client list have well passed over 150,000. The company also provides dedicated hosting solution for its clients apart from shared hosting. Hostgator already initiated steps for offering VPS hosting for its clients.

HostGator VPS Hosting provides the customers a fully managed VPS Hosting service with Linux Operating System or cPanel. Each Virtual Private Server comes with 2 to 8 IP dedicated IP addresses and provides upto 2 GB memory. Also, they provide up to 6 hard drive with 1 to 4 CPU’s with Hyper threading facility.

Why HostGator VPS Hosting?

More and more companies are opting for VPS hosting and since2009, they have gained more popularity. Nowadays many VPS hosting services are costing less than $20 per month and is getting cheaper with 384 MB RAM.

But 384 MB RAM is not sufficient to function your website completely. HostGator VPS hosting provides upto9 different packages with good memory packages ranging from 384 MB to up to 4 GB RAM. For people looking for high performance at fair prices, HostGator VPS hosting VPS is highly beneficial.

With 9 packages, HostGator VPS hosting officially provides the maximum VPS options in comparison to other VPS hosts which provide a maximum of 5 options to choose from. The level 9 package provides up to 4.4 GB RAM with 5.9 GHz CPU which is as good as owning a dedicated server for your website and the prices VPS.

Since low speeds experience server errors, resulting in frequent website crashes and failures. Though 512 MB is more stable 768 MB RAM is highly effective if you have a high traffic website or a complex websites that uses a high amount of php processes. Even HostGator recommends 768 MB RAM package for a smoother website experience.

Efficient Pricing with HostGator VPS Hosting

One of the reasons why HostGator VPS hosting is highly recommended is because of the value of pricing for some of the best web hosting services. They sufficient Ram with up to 10 GB disk space at $19.95 recurring charges. The recommended size 768 MB comes with 30 GB disk space at 1.13 GHz CPU for $39.95 recurring charges. The level 9 package provides disk space of a little more than 231 GB at close to 6 GHz CPU for a recurring charge close to $209.95.

Since they are highly user friendly and come at great prices HostGator VPS hosting comes highly recommended by many users. All users are completely satisfied with their customer service and the number of hits they are getting for their website. Some users even had to upgrade their VPS Servers thanks to the increase traffic to their websites.

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