Shared vs. Reseller Hosting how to choose the right hosting?

In common phrase it is said that when a single person or  user or webmaster  or Entrepreneur puts a website online in  the internet, to keep files and those are accessible via world wide web, this is simply called “hosting a web site.”

Hosting Plans

The easiest method to host a web site is to use a host provider company’s web on server by giving rent to the hosting service provider, for using a space on the server for your own use to place your own files. The hosting provider offers several plans and packages to the user. These are as follows:

  1. Shared web hosting service plans
  2. Reseller hosting plans.

Shared web hosting service plans

Shared web hosting service means a web hosting is sharing its web server with a specific number of users. Each site sits on its place on the server to keep its own website separate from other websites. Shared web hosting is the cheapest and many users collectively provide maintenance cost of server and hence shared hosting is most economical.

In shared hosting you take rented space on the server for your website with single domain and pay monthly fee to the shared hosting provider company. You may rent for additional site on shared hosting basis and pay for each additional shared hosting pace.

Advantages & disadvantages of Shared web hosting service plans

The primary advantages of shared hosting are as follows:-

  • low cost
  • cheap
  • suitable for small business
  • limited e-commerce
  • for  one website
  • one domain with facility of making sub-domains.

Disadvantages of shared hosting are:

  • non-reliability
  • dependence on host provider
  • prone to virus attack and consequently shut down of site till host provider clears virus on server and loss of revenue earning during shut down period.

Reseller hosting plans

With Reseller Hosting such as that by HostGator you can take a huge server resource by paying month fee to the hosting provider company. You are then able to divide and create multiple websites as you need and have the opportunity to resell websites to other users on your terms and conditions. Thus you are doing as a subcontractor. HostGator Reseller Coupons can help you get started in hosting reselling at a lower price be sure to check these out.

Shared vs. reseller hosting in E-commerce

Let us make comparative features & efficacious between two plans- shared vs. reseller hosting, with reference to needs of e-commerce business site users.

Every e-commerce website requires special devises in website designed to sell thousands of products. For creating product catalogs, integrating custom shopping and implementing payment processing features on your Site, you need web hosting environment from web hosting Provider Company, a suitable website for u on user end and u need intensive server resources and a special kind of control panel.

If we consider the facts between shared vs. reseller hosting, shared web hosting plan will not suit your needs for e-commerce business. The best option before you to sign reseller hosting plan for your site from hosting company. Features for reseller hosting are to be remembered.

  1. Pricing
  2. Business benefits
  3. Security and Reliability.

Price is a crucial factor if we compare shared vs. reseller hosting. Pricing of reseller hosting plan and packages is much higher than those of shared web hosting. Fee of share hosting cost around 5 dollars per month, whereas minimum cost of reseller hosting site starts from 15 dollars per month.

Comparison between shared vs. reseller hosting

If we compare between shared vs. reseller hosting then we will find some interesting facets. Both shared and reseller hosting are using windows as well as Linux platform. In both the cases cost of Linux hosting are economical. Linux platform are well preferred by website owners in both the cases of shares and reseller hosting.

Shared vs. reseller hosting comparison will give you a right idea on hosting. Users of website will be benefited if they are aware of facts of shared vs. reseller hosting before choosing a right hosting for their website. Reseller hosting providing company may offer you scope to act as subcontractor so that you are able to split your server resources in to several packages of websites and u can sell them to other customers and thereby you can earn revenue/ fees. As a result you have to pay less for your reselling package to your reseller hosting provide conclusion. Shared web hosting site is suitable and user-friendly for small concern and starter-user. Reseller hosting plan is suitable for business and expanding concern and for big company for growth as a user of a reseller hosting.

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