Magento Hosting on Hostgator: A rock solid and secured e-commerce hosting

Recently hostgator has created a good platform for the development and growth of online shopping or business, thereby helping millions of shoppers all around the globe to get their desired services and commodities just by a click. This development has saved a lot of time not only of the users but also of the owners of such firms. It also helps in the promotion of products. Electronic commerce is the process of selling and buying products with the help of hosting software via computer networks. Electronic commerce or e-commerce monitor the entire online procedure of marketing, servicing, developing, selling, delivering, and paying for products. E-commerce is mainly known as a dais for transaction of commercial products electronically by using some innovative technologies such as electronic fund transfer and electronic data interchange. E-commerce are used for group buying, for online shopping, for online fund transfer, online banking, shopping cart software, e tickets etc.

Magento software

magento hostgator

Magento Hosting on Hostgator

Magento software is an open source web application. It is a complete e-commerce solution application. This e-commerce hosting software was first launched in the year of 2008 of 31st march. Magento Hosting was discovered by Varian, which is presently known as Magento. It was built by a using a special type of framework known as Zend Framework. It modifies database model to store data. This leads to the creation of Entity-attribute value database. There are many versions of Magento, of which some are free and some are commercial. The free version is Magento Community Addition.

History of Magento

Magento was formerly known as varian. This Varian worked with OsCommerce. In the early of the year 2007, Magento was officially developed. But after seven months on 31st August 2007, the first beta version of magento was launched publicly. Significant steps were taken in between for its further development. Finally in  2010, the first Magento software was developed.

Magento Hosting Providers

Magento hosting providers are one of the most established, well known and reputed industries which provide a good quality of hosting infrastructures and provide good services. Magento has promoted online shopping greatly. This Magento hosting software site creates a good partnership that allows other companies to grow side by side and also helps them by providing the required good and services.

Magento Hosting Partners

Magento Hosting comprises a lot of hosting partners such as enterprise partners and professional partners. Enterprise partners specifically focuses on two different versions of magento hosting such as Magento enterprise edition and Magento Community addition. And these versions serve in multiple countries across the globe. Varian gives the highest level of support and backup. This enterprise partners have the ability, scale, size which support multinational customers. On the other hand, their professional partners focus on both the version of Magento like magento enterprise addition and Magento community addition. But one barrier is that professional partners can serve only one country.

Features of Magento

One of the relevant features of magento is that it is very reliable software. This software provides 24*7 technical support services for any problem. Another useful feature of magento hosting is that it is quite user friendly. Because of these features, people trust it and use this software for online transaction, online shopping. This open source software gives many options for payment. Online shopping never appeared so easy. Shopping can be done just by one only single click. Magento hosting require the following software such as UNIX compatible operating system, Linux, windows, PHP, MySQL, Apache web server etc. If MTA server is not present in somebody’s system, then he or she can connect Magento directly with SMTP server.

Magento hosting offers many features, like different product categories, easy searching, shipping, easy checkout and different payment and shipping option etc. Therefore we can see that Magento is a powerful feature of e-commerce software and which helps thousands of online retailers around the world to reach their desired market with their products and services. You can also host Magento on Hostgator with discount coupons and experienced fully secured e-commerce hosting.

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