Is it time to switch to a hotgator dedicated server?

The Internet is a harsh place, especially if it earns you revenue. There is no place for loyalty or favoritism when it comes to choosing the right server for you. You may have depended on a particular server or service provider since the start of your business. But when your website grows big on traffic, and if you think it is time to switch to a bigger dedicated server, thinking twice will make you lose time and money. You have to handle these hosting issues.

Hostgator Dedicated Server

dedicated server services

Hostgator Dedicated Web Hosting

A hostgator dedicated server is basically a computer dedicated to maintaining the communications between multiple machines on a network. It can share it’s resources like printers and scanners among all machines connected to it and it enables all connected machines to work as a combined unit, increasing the total computation capacity of the entire network.

Switch to a hostgator dedicated server

For small uses over the Internet,cheap reseller hosting is an excellent way to get started in hosting business. You are given a small share of the server’s total capacity along with many other clients. This is a nice cheap setup for small scale users. But it is not often the most reliable one. You hardly get to control anything, and if your neighbor gets a LOT of traffic, it can result in slow service for you. Security is another issue especially in e commerce sites. If the server is hacked, ally our delicate information will be all over the Internet in minutes. Besides, your website may just experience a traffic boom and that may be impossible for the cheap server to handle. Is it time to switch to a hostgator dedicated server? It definitely is. Having your own hostgator dedicated server may solve a lot of issues faced with a cheap web service provider.

Comparison of Dedicated and shared servers

A server may host hundreds or even thousands of websites and that can result in serious overcrowding in times of huge traffic. This becomes a nagging trouble during peak surfing hours and having a popular website as your neighbour just makes matters worse. A shared server is relatively slower as well compared to dedicate ones. A slower server means a slower website. A slower website, say an online shopping hub, will ruin its growth potential as a traffic catcher. People shop over the internet to save time. You will not be able to grab their attention with a 1980’s speed website. Slower performance will also result in your website being ranked lower in search engines as they nowadays consider server speed while prioritizing hits. Besides, certain e-commerce websites may require special protocols and server configurations which might conflict with the other sites on the shared server. This can result in non-compliance of your site and result in failure of the system. In a hostgator dedicated server, you have the independence to manually run your website, the way you want it, resulting in smoother operation, faster service and better customer satisfaction.

Reasons to switch to a hostgator dedicated server

  1. All things said and done, there are certain times when you absolutely must switch to a dedicated server for cost effectively.
  2. Planning to host an audio/video website? These require immense server resource and eat up disk space like chicken wings. Save the server, save yourself. Switch to a dedicated server.
  3. You need complete/root access to your server? Well, in shared server, your server isn’t exactly yours alone. So if you want complete access to the administrative services, you will be denied. Switch to a dedicated server if you need it badly.
  4. If you have a large mailing list or plan to add a large mailing list to your website, it is better you switch to a dedicated server instead of a shared one. Most shared servers have a cap to the number of mails you can send out in a day. The cap is removed in dedicated ones.
  5. It all boils down to you. If you want to take command of your expanding business, switch to a dedicated server today!

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