How to Transfer Site Hosting to HostGator?

HostGator is becoming a popular site hosting choice among many individuals and businesses. It is famous for its cheap rates, 99.9% uptime, excellent technical support, and constant upgrades and innovation. If you aren’t satisfied with your current web host, or you just find your current host system to be technologically outdated, you can solve these problems by moving to HostGator. You can carry out hosting site transfer to HostGator in few easy steps:

1. Sign-up for HostGator Account:

Decide whether you need web, reseller, VPS, or dedicated server package, and choose the right plan for your package. You must keep the disk-space, bandwidth, and level of security you require in mind when picking a plan.

To order the plan you want you should enter registered domain name for the site you are transferring. You can even move your domain name registration to HostGator by going to The transfer will complete in 5 – 7 days. You can sign-up for the HostGator plan you want. You will receive a welcome e-mail with your account information and new host’s FTP.

Do not cancel with your old host until the transfer is complete and you can inspect your HostGator site for any errors. Also, do not inform your old host about your plans to move as they may terminate your account before your want.

2. Prepping for Hosting Site Transfer:

Whether you are making the manually or HostGator is moving your files for you, you must have a backup for all your files and databases on your local computer.  To create backup you need to connect to your old host’s FTP and download all the files.

If you are carrying out the transfer manually, you need to upload the files from your computer to your HostGator account by connecting with its FTP. You must also upload the backup files for your databases and obtain your databases using SSH or cPanel’s pHpMyAdmin. Emails aren’t transferred, so you must connect your email addresses with POP3 and download old emails on your computer. Your new host will get new emails.

You can also request HostGator to make the transfer for you, which can be done free of charge depending on your plan type. To get an automatic transfer, you need to fill out Transfer Form available at The form requests old and new hosting information, and can be filled within minutes.

3. Completing the Hosting Site Transfer:

After you are done with step 2, you will have a copy of your site on both your old and HostGator account. Now all you need to do is to change the name servers (DNS) with your domain registrar.

To do this log into your domain registrar’s account and change the name server to the DNS settings provided by HostGator. If your domain name is registered with HostGator then HostGator can help you make the changes.

The change will take 24 – 72 hours to complete. Check if your site is directed towards your HostGator server. Review your site carefully to check if everything is working normally after the transfer has been completed. Make the necessary changes if required and cancel your account with your old host.

If these unambiguous steps are followed carefully, hosting site transfer can be carried out without any errors, loss of data or downtime.

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