How to Get and Install HostGator Private SSL?

One of the major problems that arose with the developments in the internet is the threat to the security of the private information of its users. To ensure the safety of the information of your website users you must protect your website using an SSL certificate. If you are using HostGator to host your website, there are several options available to ensure the security of your website.

HostGator Private SSL is vital for security:

All the HostGator plans come with at least free shared SSL certificate, which means your website is protected with a certificate which is shared by the number of users. It offers adequate protection to the information of your site visitors. However, the name that appears on the certificate is of the company who purchased it. This can raise doubts about the security of your website, and some browsers may even display warnings.

If the website is an online store then your customers will not give their sensitive information unless their security is ensured. Therefore, HostGator Private SSL is essential for your ecommerce website. Private SSL is purchased by you and your domain name appears on the certificate. This certificate will ensure the trustworthiness of your online store and your customers will not hesitate in sharing their credit card information and buying from your store. Also, you can choose the level of security your website needs with private SSL.

How to get Private SSL:

If your HostGator plan does not come with private SSL, then you can either upgrade your plan or purchase HostGator Private SSL. The easiest option is to purchase one from HostGator, as it will work with all plans. You can buy your own SSL but you need to assure that it’s compatible with your HostGator server.

There are two types of private certificates offered by HostGator: Comodo Positive SSL and Comodo Instant SSL. Comodo SSL certificates are recognized by 92.3% of browsers which will avoid browser warnings and the visual security tools will also show that your website is protected. Positive SSL verifies your domain name and cost $50 per year, but Instant SSL verifies the WHOIS information of your domain and cost $150 per year. Instant SSL guarantee greater security to your visitors, and is suitable for high profile websites.

Once you have decided the type of HostGator Private SSL, you need to fill out the appropriate forms available at the HostGator official website: The form just requires some basic information, and can be filled within minutes. After you have submitted the form you will have your private SSL.

How to get a Free SSL with HostGator:

HostGator provide Business and Enterprise plans that come with Comodo Positive SSL.  The plans have a slightly higher monthly fee. If you have one of these plans you need to fill out Free Private SSL form at to get your Security certificate.

Installing HostGator Private SSL:

Once your purchase is complete, you private SSL is automatically installed by HostGator for free. You only need to add ‘s’ at the end of http in the link name for the web pages you wish to protect.  These pages will then automatically load securely.

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