HostGator Shared Plan Resources Limitations

HostGator is one of the upcoming web hosting providers and it provides dedicated and shared hosting at a nominal price. A dedicated server, like the name suggests is one in which you own and have the control of the server. But because it is expensive, most website owners prefer sharing their servers. In a shared hosting server, you will be sharing your server with many other users and splitting the cost with them. If you choose the right service provider, you can get the service of a dedicated server at the price of shared server.

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HostGator Shared Plan

HostGator includes cPanel and provides a secure dedicated server with high speeds. They also provide servers exclusive for Linux and Windows. Not only this, HostGator, uniquely provides a shared hosting plan called Hostgator shared plan resources, with unlimited disk space, websites, emails and bandwidth for close to $9.95 per month. Whereas a completely dedicated server will cost you close to $174/ month but has a limit of 250 GB of space with 1500 GB bandwidth.

But it’s of utmost importance, to get acquainted with the HostGator Shared Plan Resources Limitations, before opting for shared hosting.

Limitations of Shared hosting:

One of the main issues with sharing your servers is that they are not completely reliable and secure. This is mainly because the server is hosting multiple mail servers and my SQL servers at the same time and if one website is hacked, has any errors or sends out spam mails, all the websites functioning on that particular server gets affected. Also, if the traffic increases in one of the websites in the servers, even your website will slow down.

Also, since your website has to share the bandwidth and disk space you have limitation of space, hence indirectly limiting your chances to improve your websites look and performance. You also will have to manually back up the contents of your website which can be tiring, especially if you are hosting an interactive website.

Now we know that problems in shared servers have a chain reaction, so we also have to ensure that the host server provides an excellent customer support. The host server should have good technical staffs that provide instantaneous support, especially an online real time support. If you are affected by any issues the main server should be able to get your website on track again as fast as possible.

HostGator Shared Plan Resources Limitations:

As mentioned earlier, Hostgator shared plan resources provides a special ‘unlimited’ shared plan that ensures ‘unlimited disk space and bandwidth for $ 9.95 every month. Whereas basic plan for dedicated server costs nearly 17 times more, with limited space; bringing up the doubt of why big companies opt for dedicated server. If HostGator is providing ‘unlimited’ space for such a low price, why aren’t the big websites like Facebook or Google opting for this unique plan?

This is mainly because there is no such thing as unlimited web hosting and all plans have their limitations. So are the hosts ‘cheating’ the companies by advertising unlimited hosting? Well, not exactly, but they are definitely taking some advantage of small companies just to stay ahead in these times of cut throat competition.

When websites claim to provide ‘unlimited’ features they usually claim to provide unlimited disk space, emails, bandwidth, databases and websites domain. But the truth is not all of these features will be unlimited so you need to get familiarized with your limitations. While some websites are clear with their limitations others may beat around the bush.

One of the first limitations is the inodes or the number of files that you are allowed to have on your website. In the ‘unlimited’ plan, the file limit for some host like BlueHost is 50,000 inodes whereas Hostgator provides upto 250,000 inodes but at a much higher price.

While you can keep a track of the disk usage, emails, databases and websites; quantities like CPU power and memory usage is harder to measure, especially since the server is share my multiple Central Processing Units and memory. Some hosts keep a watch on websites that are using excess CPU and slow them down, but you have to familiarize yourself with the limitations of an ‘unlimited’ account so that your website doesn’t get suspended.

HostGator Shared Plan Resources Limitations is that it is limited to 250,000 files but the users cannot use more than 25% of the system recourses for more than a minute and a half. Also, another HostGator Shared Plan Resources Limitations is if your website uses more than 20 GHz of space it will be removed from weekly back up.

Shared hosting is not a bad choice, you only have to start your website with a reputed host and the only way that you will be affected by the ‘limited’ unlimited plan is if you reach or cross the limitations. If you reach the limitation, your only option is to either upgrade your hosting plan or shift to another web host.

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  1. […] If you are planning to own a shared web hosting, own one that allows you to host unlimited domains and has a large number of My SQL database to go along with it. Though most shared hosting servers come with one domain exclusively, some provide 3 to 5 additional domains, depending on your package of course.  If you are not ready to shell out extra money you can opt for a hostgator web hosting that allows one website with multiple domains and one share hosting account or couple of websites with individual domain names for multiple domains all under one single shared account. If your web hosting server allows these things then you will be able to host multiple blogs within one shared hosting plan. […]

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