Hostgator OsCommerce hosting: an ideal solution for your e-commerce web shop

E-commerce is a dominating trend across the globe and with the help of eCommerce platform sellers and retailers are selling their products as well as services. For the benefit of the industries at a large-scale e-commerce hosting should be provided with super fast processors and chips, and lightning speed bandwidth for faster and smoother connection with the world market. It should also be taken into account that enough web space is made available so that the name and images of the products and also the relevant information associated with it can be put into display. The platform of e-commerce hosting should be made secured because the customers want user friendly and secured environment. Such expectations are natural from customer’s point of view as they are putting in their money in the web world for financial transactions via their very personal credit card numbers, bank account numbers, pay pals etc.

What is OsCommerce?

OsCommerce is popularly known as open source commerce. OsCommerce is online open source e-commerce software which is used for online store management program. This is only used on those web servers powered by PHP and MySQL. It is considered as one of the best solutions of ecommerce on the website. With the help of OsCommerce hosting we can easily create large, small and advanced business website. This is very reliable solution for our web cart related website.

oscommerce hosting

Hostgator OsCommerce hosting

OsCommerce was developed in the year 2000 in the month of March in Germany. The name of founder was Mr. Herald Ponce De Leon. This is available as free software. It is one of the most popular and comprehensive open source system which is particularly used as an online shopping cart. OsCommerce is defined as a complete online store solution, comprehensive online shopping and e-commerce solution. It has lots of useful features and the important thing is that this OsCommerce hosting site is one of the versatile shopping cart systems. OsCommerce features contain a large numbers of online shopping cart functions, which makes online shopping very easy. It helps in providing us a very good quality of graphical interface.

OsCommerce is used for the development of rich e-commerce application. It can be linked with some other open source software, for example, Php, Joomla, Word press etc.

What can OsCommerce Performs?

This e-commerce software performs some useful functions which may be linked with other compatible software, such PHP and MySQL. Second function is that OsCommerce contains a back end which is completely object oriented. OsCommerce is totally multilingual such as English, Spanish and German, etc. It allows layout changes which is very much adaptable and easy to prepare. This e-commerce software allows an integration which is basically very easy. It supports a huge list of products and categories. This platform also provides some structures which vary from product to categories and from categories to product. OsCommerce is very easy to storing database. It is very much easy to edit, erase or remove, add categories or products. This contains a very easy backup system and store data safely.

With the help of the e-commerce platform, one can easily make a contact with their customers through mails, newsletters etc. This also supports multicurrency system. This OsCommerce automatically updates the recent currency rates. It supports both physical and virtual products. Through it customers can easily maintain their accounts. Customers can also check their shipping details. They can also view their order history. The data which are stored in the OsCommerce can easily be retrieved. If somebody wants to hide some products from the product list, he or she can easily do this with the help of OsCommerce. OsCommerce accepts a large amount of online payment or transaction processing site such as PayPal, ipayment etc. This software supports those images which are dynamic in their nature. OsCommerce contains a specific username and a particular password for login for security. In this UPS, USPS shipping facilities are available. This supports product explanation or description, which are specifically in HTML format for benefit of customers.

Why to Use OsCommerce hosting?

Some hosting companies offer different e-commerce web hosting solutions and platforms such as magento, zencart, opencart and OsCommerce hosting etc. The main purpose of OsCommerce hosting is to promote the new product on the top level category. Now-a-days, many hosting Provider Companies offer different features for OsCommerce hosting like cPanel, Secured ssl at affordable price. OsCommerce hosting has rich features and this is very popular among online retailers and it is acceptable to majority of e-commerce retailers.

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