HostGator Linux Hosting is Ideal for Open Source Script

All web servers either run Linux or Windows operating systems on their system. Linux is more popular among web servers, and HostGator Linux Hosting is one of the best available in the market because of high quality of services along with cheaper prices.

What Does HostGator Linux Hosting support?

Linux has proven itself as a great choice for web servers. HostGator Linux server not only supports basic HTML websites, but supports a number of dynamic scripts and software. As a result, you can even upload very complex and large websites on it. HostGator Linux hosting support Perl, Python, Ruby, and PHP, which can be used individually or together to develop advanced websites.

PHP is one of the most widely used web scripting languages. Since it was particularly developed for the Web it is very easy to use for web designing. It can be used to make interactive websites that take input from the visitors to perform actions. As an example you can place a like icon on your website, which when clicked by the visitor will increment the number of people who recommend your website. It is being used in many modern websites like Facebook, Yahoo!, YouTube and many more. Python, Ruby and Perl are also used to provide interactive website and functions like email process, RSS feed processing, chatting, and other web applications. HostGator Linux hosting facilitates one to develop large database driven websites by complying with MySQL database. MySQL is one of the most popular open source database used by large websites.

Open Source Scripts

There are a number of open source application that are compliant with HostGator Linux Hosting. The most well known among these are:

  1. WordPress is blog software that enables even inexperienced programmers to develop high quality and beautiful blogs.
  2. PhpFreeChat is a simple to use, multi-language chat software that will allow live chat over your website.
  3. Drupal 7 is a user friendly, robust content management system (CMS) which helps it users build website of any kind or size.
  4. Magento is free ecommerce software which makes online selling easy for its users. It provides features like catalog management, multiple payment options, mini-cart, reporting etc., which makes the administration of the store easier.
  5. Set up a discussion board on your website by using phpBB forum software.
  6. Easily build an online photo gallery on your site with 4image.
  7.  Want to know the perspectives of your visitors generate quality surveys, get responses of your visitors, and record results using LimeSurvey forum software.

There are many other open source software available on HostGator Linux hosting.

Cost Benefit of Linux Combined with Open Source:

Open source software is a program whose source code can be freely accessed. Linux is an open source operating system and can be downloaded for free of cost. Because of this, majority of open source applications are designed for Linux. Since HostGator Linux hosting makes use of a free operating system and provide access to many open source applications, it offers its services at very cheap rates. Checkout HostGator Discounts and Coupons here.

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