Difference between Linux Hosting and Windows Web Hosting.

Linux and windows are both established operating systems on both desktops and in web server’s arena. When looking for a hosting service it’s often the first thing you should look at. Is the hosting service linux based or windows based? They have both advantages and disadvantages. We will cover them briefly below:

Linux Web Hosting:

                Linux web hosting is also called LAMP – short for Linux, Apache, mySQL and PHP. These four form the “basic stack” of most hosting services.  Advantages of Linux based hosting are that it is affordable. There are generally no licensing costs involved, which keeps the cost of running such hosting service low. Linux hosting is also very stable and low on CPU/memory usage over head. These features make LAMP very attractive for most startups and first time users. One major disadvantage of LAMP comes from its segmented nature; its stack comes from different software suppliers which have little or no interest in growing stack as a whole. Usability of LAMP is often demanding and upgrades can become tough and unpredictable.

Windows Hosting:

                Windows hosting stack is often made up of ASP.NET framework along with MS SQL database. All pieces of windows hosting software often come from a single source. This makes installation and upgrades easy. If there is any issue you can count on commercial support. This makes windows web hosting an ideal choice for enterprise level users. Some disadvantages of windows based hosting are that it generally requires high maintenance and it takes up CPU and memory resources more than Linux.

No matter what type of hosting you decide to choose it will most likely be available from Hostgator.

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