Cubecart hosting on Hostgator: online shopping made easy

In the modern era of the developing world economy and the consequent globalization, e-commerce has been playing a very pivotal role as catalyst of progress. The world e-commerce business has seen tremendous growth of sales of different products and services. The development in the cyber world as also in the web-technologies show the outstanding skill of the human brain which now-a-days mostly rely on ecommerce for the progress of various firms across the globe. The global acceptance and use of e-commerce has not only benefited the users to buy and use goods and services from their home but also the owners who have revolutionized their way of thinking regarding their business. The aim of majority of the industrialists is to establish a place of themselves not only in their home market but also in the international sphere as well. Hostgator in this aspect can be regarded as their best option to explore the market. Different web hosting software and shopping carts are helping shoppers and entrepreneurs in this regard. E-commerce with the correct strategy enables the small and medium sized business houses also to compete with the big and large capital owned business enterprises and corporate. Thus a competitive environment in business world is evident now a day in the world market.

What is CubeCart hosting?

cubecart hosting

Cubecart hosting on Hostgator

CubeCart hosting is one of the best web hosting options for the shoppers and online retailers who dedicate to put on their goods and services for their customers online. It is a secured and a great helping hand for not only of the buyers but also of the sellers across the globe. CubeCart hosting on hostgator is one of best hosting facilities available in the market. It is specialized and designed with boundless space, high quality servers with the strength of 99% uptime. CubeCart hosting also benefits its customers by providing them with 24×7 online technical support staffs. They are ready to help in need each day of the week. SSL feature may be added with this hosting.

CubeCart compatible with PHP and My SQL

CubeCart hosting web platform is compatible with PHP and My SQL system. This has proved to be very fruitful for the business houses for the last few years. Many other international commercial organizations and business houses are also trying to avail this facility in their business as well. CubeCart hosting is providing necessary support for search engine optimization or seo. Therefore a user would not face any difficulty in working with CubeCart e-commerce software if he uses any search engine which he\she prefers.

Facilities provided by CubeCart hosting

CubeCart hosting provides many facilities along with hostgator which would benefit the retailers and customers. Shop owners using CubeCart can easily create product categories, price and update product description, inventory and images. This software offers many attractive features like which dazzle the customers. These are,

  • New user registration
  • Courier Tracking URL
  • Customer order history
  • Product image gallery
  • Sell Tangible & Digital Goods and Services
  • Multi currency support
  • Product search
  • Gift Certificate

CubeCard – Reliable platform for your online shopping

Every banking detail of the users is kept secured and the software is built so as to not allow any individual to view other person’s details. Everything is digitally made secured. The retailer or merchant who is using this software is just required to buy the license. It is available in the CubeCart website.

Get your products at your home with a single click

Therefore we can see that CubeCart hosting is a very professional and efficient web hosting options for the customers to buys goods and services online. It showcases varieties of products and description and images of products. The payment procedure is also built in the software. Such payment options include PayPal, 2CheckOut, etc. which are highly secured. Thus one is just a click away from getting those products in their hands, sitting in the cushions at their homes. It is a good idea to start CubeCart hosting with hostgator discounts that offers first 1 or 2 months free. Hostgator has several coupons that you can use to get free month or two.

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