HostGator Windows Hosting

If you need support for windows specific scripts or applications like or C#, then you should get Windows hosting for your site. HostGator Windows Hosting is one of the cheapest and most reliable one available in the market. HostGator introduced Windows hosting in year 2009, but it has achieved tremendous success in just two years. HostGator even received the award for “Best Windows Web Hosting of 2011”. HostGator Linux and Windows hosting have similar features, this article discusses some aspects of HostGator Windows hosting that differ from the Linux plans.

hostgator windows hosting

An Overview of HostGator Windows Hosting plans:

HostGator offers two great Windows web hosting plans: Personal and Enterprise. Both plans provide unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth. They also offer basic HostGator features like control panel, web building tools, unlimited email accounts, technical support and so on. However, Personal Plan allows only one domain, and provides a shared SSL certificate on the server. It costs as low as $5.95 per month. Whereas, Enterprise Plan support five domains, and also offers a free private SSL certificate and a dedicated IP address. The three year plan charges a monthly fee of $19.95. If you want just one Windows server website then choose Personal plan. There is no restriction to the number of sub domains, so you can expand your website without any limit.

Plesk – Control Panel for Windows:

Windows server does not support cpanel, therefore Plesk is the control panel for HostGator Windows hosting.  Like cpanel, HostGator Plesk is easy-to-use and feature rich. It provides instant installer, facilitates server maintenance, enables the management of your site folders and subdomains, provides email account creation tools, has build in web statistics applications, and many more features. Like cpanel it also provides site building tools which include SiteBuilder and SiteStudio. It has a customized and neat user interface that makes creating and managing websites much simpler.

Instantly Install Applications on you Windows Server:

HostGator Windows hosting also enables instant installation of over thirty useful web applications. The scripts include blogging software like WordPress and BlogEngine, CMS software like DotNetNuke, Ecommerce software like Magneto, etc. You can install, customize and upload the application in just a few clicks by following these steps:

  1. Log into your HostGator account to access your Plesk control panel.
  2. Click the “Applications” tab, and click on “All Available Applications” to view all the open source and commercial software available for install.
  3. The scripts are categorized according to their use. Click the “install” tab under the respective application.
  4. A GNU General Public License will appear, read the terms of the license and if you agree to them accept the license.
  5. Now you need to select the domain and path of your application. Select the destination domain using the drop down menu, and type in the folder name for your installation.
  6. Then you need to give the password and administrator’s email. You will access the application interface using this information.
  7. Click install, and the installation will complete in seconds.
  8. You can access the application using this link:

Where your actual domain name must replace and the application folder is the one you typed in step 5.