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VPS hosting account is a very interesting concept. It offers you an environment to run service just like a dedicated hosting account but with less CPU power, less memory and less hard disk drive space. HostGator offers a range of choices when it comes to VPS hosting, you can start at low with HostGator VPS Coupon and go all the way up to big VPS host. These choices offer a range of CPU cycle time, RAM and hard disk space choices.

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Most webmasters and hosting managers find it easy to manage a VPS hosting as compared to shared hosting. There are two reasons behind it, first one has to go with access and second one is about flexibility. A VPS hosting account from HostGator can easily scale up with an account upgrade. While offering the same level of access to host environment as a dedicated server does. The advanced access to system environment allow you to run lower level commands and gives you power to make changes to software packages based on your needs. VPS effectively turns a large dedicated server into many mini servers that its users can then use. This saves significant amount of money over regular types of dedicated servers.
Another major strength of VPS is that you get a control panel to start or stop the virtual environment that runs VPS server. This allows you to debug any issues and reboot server when you need to do so. There is even a free firewall available. System manager retains control for upgrades of the kernel, this is a powerful feature that allows you to plug any security holes as soon as the fixes are available.
If you are looking to upgrade from VPS server you can consider a dedicated server and use HostGator Dedicated Server Coupon. You can also down scale and look in to the HostGator Baby Hosting Coupon