How to use Leech Protection in HostGator cPanel – HostGator Tutorial

Step by Step Guide for using Leech Protection

In this video we describe step by step process of using Leech Protection in HostGator cPanel.

Step 1. Login to your cPanel by accessing at

Step 2. Enter user name and password.

Step 3. Click on the Leech Protection icon from the Security box of your cPanel.

Step 4. Select your directory and click go.

Step 5. Select the folder you wish to protect by clicking on its name.

Step 6. Provide information about number of logins per username, URL to redirect Leech users and email address to alert when leech protection is used to redirect users away from the site.

Step 7. Disable compromised accounts and click on enable button to enable leech protection.

Step 8. Great! Leech protection is enabled. Click go back button to set permissions for your folder.

Step 9. Enter the name for protected directory and click save button.

Step 10. Now only authorized users can access that directory. To add or modify users click on go back button.

Step 11. Create a user by entering information about user name, new password and click on add or modify authorized user button.

Step 12. Your directories are now protected.

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