How to use IP Deny Manager in HostGator cPanel – HostGator Tutorial

Step by Step Guide for using IP Deny Manager

In this video we describe step by step process of using IP Deny Manager in HostGator cPanel.

Step 1. Login to your cPanel by accessing at

Step 2. Enter user name and password.

Step 3. Enter into the IP Deny Manager, by clicking on the IP Deny Manager icon from the Security section of your cPanel.

Step 4. Enter the IP address or Domain name, that you want to block its users from accessing your site and click add.

Step 5. Now users from the IP address that you have blocked will not able to access your site. Click Go back button to see the blocked IP addresses.

Step 6. Security is good! These are the IP addresses that you have blocked. You can remove them if required.

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