How to install OS Commerce in HostGator cPanel Fantastico – HostGator Tutorial

Step by Step Guide for installing OS Commerce

In this video we describe step by step process of OS Commerce installation in HostGator cPanel Fantastico.

Step 1. Login to your cPanel by accessing at

Step 2. Enter user name and password.

Step 3. Enter into the Fantastico installer, by clicking on the Fantastico De Luxe icon from the software/services box of your cPanel.

Step 4. Fantastico panel will appear, select OS Commerce under E-Commerce from side bar menu to install OS Commerce.

Step 5. Click on new installation link from the page.

Step 6. Accept the terms of use and click continue.

Step 7. Provide information about Installation location, Admin access data and Base configuration

Step 8. Click install OS Commerce button.

Step 9. This page will show the summary about installation. Just click finish installation to proceed.

Step 10. Congratulations! You have install OS Commerce on your domain.

Step 11. Visit your site, and you have all done.

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