HostGator How to Use File Manager – HostGator Tutorial

Step by Step Guide for password Protection on a Folder

In this video we describe step by step process for using file manager with hostgator hosting account.

Step 1. Login to your cPanel by accessing at

Step 2. Enter user name and password

Step 3. To getting started with file manager, click on the File Manager icon from the Files box of your cPanel

Step 4. Select Web Root and also check show hidden files and then click GO button

Step 5. You will be displayed some folders and files containing in your file manager there is a menu bar also for making new folders,  Uploads , Delete and many more buttons.

Step 6. First I will show you how to create a folder, click on the New Folder button at the top of the screen

Step 7. A dialog box will appear, enter the name for the new folder and click Create New Folder

Step 8. You can see a new folder named media have been created

Step 9. Now upload some files in it by clicking on Upload button at the top of the screen

Step 10. In the next step you can choose your file from the computer and it will start uploading. Click on link which says back to your folder name

Step 11.  Great Job your file has been uploaded

Step 12.  Now rename it by clicking it on Rename button

Step 13.  Enter your desired name I entered Hostgator.png and my file renamed

Step 14.  Now delete this file by clicking on Delete button

Step 15.  A dialog box will appear and click on Delete File(s) button to delete it.

Step 16.  Great the job has been done and the file has been deleted.

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