HostGator How to Add a Subdomain – HostGator Tutorial

Step by Step Guide for adding a subdomain

In this video we describe step by step process for adding a subdomain with hostgator hosting account.

Step 1. Login to your cPanel by accessing at

Step 2. Enter user name and password

Step 3. To add a subdomain, click on the Subdomains icon from the Domains box of your cPanel

Step 4. In the “Subdomain” field, please select the name of the subdomain which you wish to use, for example, you might choose “subdomain”. If you choose subdomain, then your subdomain will look like “”.

Step 5. Next, select the desired domain you wish to create this subdomain for from the drop down menu to the right of the “Subdomain” field. You may create a subdomain for any addon, parked or subdomain that already exists in your cPanel.

Step 6. When you click on the “Document Root” field, it should automatically populate with a cPanel suggested location from which the subdomain will load it’s content. For instance, if you chose “subdomain” as your new subdomain, then the “Document Root” field will populate with “/public_html/subdomain”. This means that the new subdomain will load it’s content from the folder named “subdomain” from within the “public_html” directory.

Step 7. Once all three fields are set the way you prefer, simply click on the “Create” button to complete the creation of your new subdomain.

Step 8. Bravo! You have created a new subdomain within your domain

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