Why HostGator makes WordPress Install a Breeze?

With HostGator WordPress combination creating high-quality and impressive blogs has become much easier than ever before.

A few words about Blogging

These days there is not an easier way to spread your word then by creating blogs on the internet. You have to choose  hostgator blog hosting to present your opinions about social or political issues to the world; you can educate your readers, or just attain satisfaction by creating blogs about events in your personal life. Not only this, you can also earn money by creating a blog. With the rapid advances in the internet, making a great blog can be done by anyone with little or no programming knowledge. One of the simplest ways to make an impressive and striking blog is to make use of WordPress.

What is WordPress? 

HostGator WordPress

HostGator makes WordPress Install a Breeze

WordPress is web software which enables one to create fabulous websites and blogs. One does not need to make use of any coding knowledge to create web pages in WordPress; therefore creating websites has become possible for everyone. It is completely free.

It comes with a dashboard which is very straightforward, where one can choose a theme for his website, categorize his posts for the convenience of his readers, create posts by simply typing which is as easy as writing a Word document, and much more. One can make use of some free templates for themes to create beautiful websites, or one can also customize the templates very easily to add more style and personal taste to his web page.  It is also SEO compliant, which means that your website will be on the top result pages improving its traffic. One can add plug-ins to this software for additional features.

Nothing is a greater recommendation to WordPress than the fact that many of the most popular blogs make use of it, these include People, Wall Street Journal Magazine, Army Live, MTV Newsroom and thousands of others. You can visit WordPress website to find many awesome websites that use it.

The best thing about WordPress is that you can create a self-hosted blog using it and choose your own domain name. You need to find a web host for this purpose. There isn’t a better web host in the market for your WordPress blogs than HostGator. You can make use of HostGator WordPress to quickly install WordPress and start making your own blogs in an instant.

WordPress Install using One Click HostGator Tool

Once you have bought a HostGator package suitable for your blog and chosen the domain name for your web site, you have access to the cpanel Control panel. There you can make use of Fantastico to install WordPress in just one click. Find the Fantastico icon at the bottom of the page and click on WordPress to begin its installation. Select the domain for your blog and choose the username and password for your WordPress dashboard. With these few simple steps you will have your new website up and running. Log on to your website as admin to create new blog posts.

HostGator shared Hosting is Best for WordPress

To host your WordPress blog, HostGator shared hosting packages works really well. The packages charge one of the smallest monthly fees in the market, and offer unlimited disk space and band width. So you can create as many posts as you like, and the loading speed for your pages will be really fast.  The shared servers are protected with shared SSL certificates.  Your blog will be running for more than 99.9% of time.

Let your word out with HostGator WordPress in no time.

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