Why HostGator is the Best Hosting Company?

Among many hosting companies available, HostGator stands out the most. It has been consistently receiving awards for its overall performance, and it has been graded A+ by many users. Read on to know why.

Customer Support that will Not Let you Down:

HostGator best hosting services arise because of the exceptional quality and effectiveness of its customer support. You can make use of phone, live chat or ticket system any time, and HostGator staff will be there to assist you. It has also developed an outstanding online support with over 500 video tutorials and 680 support articles. One can also make use of HostGator forum to seek assistance, and even there HostGator promptly reply to user posts. HostGator automatically backs up your site data in case of any disaster, and your server is also monitored constantly for optimal performance.

Hostgator Customer Support

Hostgator Customer Support Portal

Either you are facing any bugs in your site, or your website is loading slowly, or even if you are having trouble deciding which software to use to build your site, HostGator will be always around to help 24/7/365. You can call them or use live chat; HostGator will instantly solve your problem and provide you with complete information on your queries. The online support system is excellent as well. Need help installing a tool or setting up a domain, or any other process, you can surely find a step-by-step guide in HostGator video tutorials. If you are having trouble configuring your site or taking decisions, start a discussion on HostGator forum with other users and Gator staff. In case you accidently lose your data, just ask HostGator and your data will be instantly returned to you because of HostGator’s backup system.

No matter how ever many features a hosting company provides a flawless technical support system is an essential. If you get HostGator best hosting for your website, you will definitely not feel alone in your online ventures.

Reliability that has no match:

Over 7 million domains all over the world make use of HostGator best hosting services. What’s bigger proof of HostGator’s reliability and trustworthiness? HostGator guarantees over 99.9% uptime, which has been tested by many users. This excellent uptime is achieved by the constant and regular maintenance of your server, an impenetrable security system, and extremely adept HostGator employees. Make sure that your site is up and running all year round with HostGator best hosting.

Feature that will Blow your Mind:

With its awesome features HostGator makes web development, publishing and management effortless for any one. Some of the best HostGator features include cpanel, site building tools, web templates, QuickInstall and many more.

The cpanel provides a very neat and easy-to-use interface, and even beginners just need to play around with it to learn it perfectly. It provides access to all the tools and settings that you need to set up professional standard websites. The site building tools provided by HostGator include SiteBuilder and SiteStudio. Using any of these tools you will be designing and developing high-quality and professional standard websites in a matter of few steps. HostGator also provides over 4500 free and advanced web templates which can be easily downloaded and customized. One feature that sets apart HostGator is QuickInstall. QuickInstall provides over 75 open source and popular scripts like WordPress, Joomla, Magento, phpBB, etc. which can include additional functionality to your website. The scripts can be instantly installed and uploaded on your site. QuickInstall is written by HostGator itself, which means that it is more flexible, reliable, and compatible.

Get HostGator best hosting and take advantage of countless web development and hosting features.

All this is provided by HostGator at very low prices. You can also use hostgator coupons for discount hosting. So, with HostGator you will be getting more than you pay.

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