Managed Dedicated Web Hosting by HostGator

If the traffic on your website is rapidly increasing, or if you want to make money by providing hosting to other companies, then an upgrade to HostGator dedicated hosting is essential for you. Managing a dedicated server can be a very difficult task that requires constant and regular monitoring and high level of expertise. However, with HostGator’s fully managed dedicated web hosting your server will be supervised by HostGator, while you can concentrate on your business without ever having to worry about the technical aspects of your server.

What is Managed Dedicated Web Hosting?

With dedicated hosting a whole hosting server is leased out to you, and all the resources and features of the server are used for your needs only. The server offer large amount of bandwidth, which means your website, can handle high traffic. Also, it is very secure and reliable as you are the only one who can use it. There are two types of dedicated hosting: managed and unmanaged.

With managed dedicated web hosting your hosting company will take care of the constant and efficient operation of your server. It will handle all the technical aspects and configurations and ensure that your server is always working to the maximum level of efficiency.

Save Headaches with Managed Dedicated Web Hosting from HostGator:

The services HostGator carries out to manage your dedicated server include:

  1. Security Audits: HostGator will constantly monitor the security of your server. It will ensure that your server is not vulnerable to hackers in any way, and prevent any unauthorized access to your server.
  2. Load Problem: HostGator will always ensure that your server is fast. However, if it still gets sluggish then you can always contact HostGator technical support and they will identify and resolve the issue almost immediately.
  3. Upgrades: If there are software updates available they will be automatically carried out by HostGator.
  4. Maintenance: HostGator will defragment your server and carry out maintenance operations on both software and hardware regularly to ensure maximum performance.
  5. Server Backups: Backups for the data on your server will be constantly created by HostGator to prevent data loss and ensure complete recovery from a disaster.
  6. Configurations: HostGator will automatically configure your DNS, e-mail, software and programs according to the requirements of your system.

HostGator’s managed dedicated web hosting provides a variety of other services as well to protect and maintain your server. You are also provided 24/7 premium support in case of any technical issues. This will save you the headache of hiring expensive staff to manage your server, and any problems will be quickly fixed by HostGator’s experienced staff.

HostGator’s Dedicated Hosting Plans:

HostGator offers both Linux and Windows dedicated servers. Linux servers are cheaper, but if you need to support Windows specific applications and scripts then you must get Windows dedicated servers. HostGator offers four different plans with both Windows and Linux servers: Basic, Standard, Elite, and Pro. The plan you choose should depend on your requirement for storage space, memory, and pricing. Checkout HostGator Discounts and Coupons to compare and to choose the right managed dedicated web hosting plan.

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