How to use HostGator QuickInstall?

HostGator has been working towards making web development easier and faster for its customers. It provides its web designers with some outstanding features which differentiates it from other web hosts. One such feature is HostGator QuickInstall.

HostGator QuickInstall

HostGator QuickInstall

What is QuickInstall?

QuickInstall is a program that lets you install scripts on your website quickly and automatically. Using it, common and popular scripts can be installed with just few mouse clicks.  It works like Fantastico, but it was developed by HostGator itself for the convenience of its customers. All shared and reseller plans come with HostGator QuickInstall. One can get QuickInstall with dedicated and VPS accounts as well by sending a request to

Cpanel has a “QuickInstall” icon in “Software/Services” section. Click the icon to launch it. On the left side of the window there is list of names of all the software available for installation. The scripts are categorized by their functions, which makes it very easy to find software that you need.     

List of Scripts Supported by QuickInstall:

There are 75 popular and commonly used programs available on HostGator QuickInstall. These scripts can help you add some great functions to your website, and you can easily create an advanced and dynamic website using them.

The software include many important software like WordPress, phpFreeChat, Joomla, Magento, phpBB, 4images, Oxwall, MediaWiki and many more. You can find the complete list by clicking this link:

QuickInstall vs. Manual Install:

HostGator QuickInstall has many benefits over manual installation:

  1. It is much faster and easier: The number of steps involved in installation is much lower. Manual install involve going to the website of the software source, downloading the software and uploading it on your site. While with QuickInstall you can install the software in just 1 to 2 clicks.
  2. It is more reliable: With manual install you will need to find a secure source for the software you need. Whereas the software available on HostGator QuickInstall are safe and bug free.
  3. Automatic and quick updates: QuickInstall automatically shows if there are updates available for software, and the software can be upgraded with one click only. For manual install you will have to keep track of the updates and install them yourself.      
  4. Knowledge required: QuickInstall is very simple to use, and an installation can be carried out by anyone with little or no knowledge of web development. However, manual install requires one to configure his software correctly to upload it.
  5. Server Compliance: Software is not always compatible with your host server. You need to keep this in mind when installing your software manually. All scripts provided by QuickInstall are supported by HostGator server.

QuickInstall vs. Fantastico:

Both HostGator QuickInstall and Fantastico are auto installers that enable quick installation with just few mouse clicks. However, QuickInstall is custom software designed by HostGator with the particular need of the users in mind and Fantastico is commercial software. This makes QuickInstall much more flexible. In addition, software on QuickInstall is instantly updated whereas Fantastico may take days to update its software.

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