How to Setup Forum Software on HostGator?

Setting up an attractive and professional forum on your website can develop a community of your website users that will  improve its traffic. Build an outstanding forum webpage with HostGator reliable and quality hosting service and first-rate HostGator Forum Software.

Steps to Install HostGator Forum Software:

Some of the best forum scripts are included in HostGator instant installers. Using QuickInstall or Fantastico you will have your forum up and running in few seconds. You just need to make one or two mouse clicks and choose the folder for your forum. The installer will lead you through these few simple steps:

  1. After you have signed up for a suitable HostGator plan, log into your cpanel.
  2. Scroll down to “Software/Services” section and click on either QuickInstall or Fantastico icon.
  3. The respective installer will open. Find the forum software of your choice and click it.
  4. A description of the software will appear in the right hand panel, click “continue” to install the software.
  5. Then select the domain and write the destination folder for your forum.
  6. Type in your email address in the “admin email” field and choose the application version.
  7. Then state whether you want automatic updates. It is recommended that you should pick “yes”.
  8. You can even choose to install it manually; however it will take time and the process can be frustrating for beginners.
  9. Click on “Install now” and HostGator forum software will be installed on the chosen web page.
  10. Open your forum web page and you will find your forum uploaded there.
  11.  Check the admin email you entered and you will find your forum username and password there.
  12. Log into your forum, change its setting and style, set up categories and start a new topic on it and you are done.

You can find a video tutorial of the process at HostGator Discounts Videos.

HostGator Forum Software to Choose From:

HostGator provides five most widely used open source forum software that include phpBB, punBB, bbPress, Simple Machine Forum (SMF), and Advanced Electron Forum. All these scripts are easy-to-use, feature rich, customizable and much more. Here is a review of each applications attributes. Read more reviews and choose the one that satisfies your requirements.

phpBB: The oldest and most commonly used software, it has seen a lot of improvements and has been optimized to produce world-class forums. It provides a prefect member registration tool, very simple-to-use editor for posting, multiple attachments capability, neatly categorized forums, local or global forum rules display, personalization tools for the users, user rankings, private messaging and many more functions.

punBB: Another popular HostGator forum software, punBB is famous for its simplicity and speed and reliability. It is very easy to moderate as well. It has all the qualities that will enable you to create fast, and working forums, but it lacks some advanced features. It has only 20,000 lines of codes, which mean its fast, easily customizable, and occupies less space. Keep your forum simple with this script.

bbPress: It would be great if you could also set up a forum integrated with your WordPress blog, and bbPress makes the incorporation effortless. This software was developed by the WordPress team which ensures its excellence and reliability. Like punBB it was designed to create simple and clean forums that are easy-to-use. It has all the basic features of a functional forum, but can be extended too by installing plug-ins. Its unique feature includes inline post and topic creation forms, which makes responding faster.

Simple Machine Forum (SMF): Like phpBB, this HostGator forum software is also filled with advanced features that can make modern and professional forums. However, it does make it a little less simple for beginners. It has several unique capabilities which include integration with blog and CMS application and social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Digg, etc. Your forum users can remain updated to your forum while on the move too as SMF is compatible with Smartphones.

  Advanced Electron Forum: It is powerful software with many features and themes. It has many moderation options that make forum management easier. It offers great configuration tools for advanced users, but they can be difficult to use for beginners. It provides great themes and a very straightforward WYSIWYG editor.

All the HostGator forum software are exceptional, choose the one for your needs. Combined with HostGator hosting, your forum will definitely go beyond the professional standards.

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