How to make your Hosting at HostGator Fast?

Reduced loading time will ensure the success of your website. HostGator provides one of the fastest hosting in the market. It constantly maintains and monitors its servers to optimize their performance. However, you need to take steps when designing your website to ensure that it’s hosting speed is at its maximum. Here are some tips that will increase your site’s loading speed:

Optimize Site Images for Maximum Performance:

Images can take a lot of time to load. To ensure faster loading make use of GIF images whenever possible, make your image size smaller by using image editors, and reduce the number of images on your webpage without losing its appeal. HostGator fast hosting servers can’t help much if well adjusted images are not used.

GIF images have lower resolution than their counterpart JPG images, but they occupy much lower disc space and load really fast. If the images on your web page have lesser colors and look fine at lower resolution, then opt for GIF format. However, if you think JPG format is necessary for your images then make use of Adobe Photoshop or other image editor to reduce the colors and resolution of your JPG images to an optimum level that allows faster loading.

The dimensions of your images can also critically affect your webpage loading speed. Larger sized images can slow down your site drastically. Reduce your image sizes wherever possible. Never make use of HTML <image> tags height and width attributes to scale down your image, as HTML will still load the larger sized image. Make use of image editors to crop your image to the required size.

Minimize the Number and Size of files that require loading:

To enable HostGator Fast hosting to perform at its maximum, minimize the number of HTTP requests, compress you site files and minify your website code.

When somebody tries to open your website, all files that are contained in your webpage, which include CSS files, JavaScript library references, and images, must be downloaded when displaying your webpage. This can slow down your website by a lot. Check how scripts that enhance your website affect its speed, and decide if you need them. Replace with simpler and faster scripts whenever possible.

You should also make use of HTTP compression to send all your website code in a single file, instead of sending a request to access many different files to get the site’s data. You should also clear out all the superfluous white spaces in your website code. Instead of clearing out the white spaces manually make use of a plug-in like WP-Minify, which automatically removes the white spaces when the code is loaded. This will reduce the file size.

Code Placement can be Critical for Faster website:

To make your hosting at HostGator fast, you must pay due attention to the arrangement of stylesheets and scripts references. In addition, don’t include the required JavaScript and CSS code in your webpage’s HTML file.

The stylesheets that format and enhance the appearance of your website content must be referenced in the HTML head. As a result your web page style is loaded, and the content of your web page doesn’t look bad as it loads. All the scripts that add functionality to your website must be referenced or placed at the bottom of the code, because the web content must load first. In addition the related CSS and JavaScript codes must be placed in separate files to reduce the size of your HTML file and to take advantage of browser caching.

Other Measures that will Keep Your Hosting at HostGator Fast:

Keep things simple. Discard all that is unnecessary and takes up loading time. Make use of static images rather than flash animations, and don’t make use of videos or audios that load automatically.

Take advantage of browser caching; cache important files in your site so that your website visitor’s browser keeps a static copy of those file for a certain period of time. When user visits your website again the files are opened from browser’s cache. The files don’t need to be downloaded from the server again. This can greatly improve your website’s loading speed.

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