Green Web Hosting Initiative from HostGator

HostGator has not only set the records for the cheapest and the most reliable hosting company, it is also a pioneer in green hosting. While also giving its customers outstanding services, it is also keeping the environment safe and clean.

How HostGator makes Hosting Green?

HostGator provides one of the best nature friend green hosting. It has bought wind Renewable Energy Credits (REC) for 130% of its server power consumption within Texas. Therefore, all HostGator servers are powered by renewable wind energy reducing the environmental impact to zero. Moreover, HostGator replaced its system with 36% more efficient servers.

HostGator makes hosting green

Hostgator Makes Hosting Green

There are several ways in which HostGator stands out among other green hosts. Other companies only focus on using green energy for the power consumed by their servers, but make use of usual means to cool their servers. A server needs 1-2 watts of power to cool it for every watt that it consumes. HostGator took into account the energy consumed to both power and cool them. This means that HostGator makes hosting green two times more effectively.

HostGator has invested in RECs for 130% of the total power consumed by its servers; no other hosting company has achieved these levels. HostGator RECs are Green –e certified; Green-e monitors and verifies RECs and prevents any fraud which means that one can completely trust HostGator claims.

Another great aspect of HostGator green initiative is that HostGator is investing in wind energy in its home state Texas which is more expensive. Other green hosts mostly get there renewable energy from where it is cheap.

By following these measures HostGator has ensured that its hosting doesn’t leave any negative impact on the environment.

Going Green is Vital for the Well-being of our Environment:

World’s information technology sector is consuming 3-4% of the power produced. If this sector doesn’t focus on green energy then it is making a huge contribution to Earth’s climate change and pollution.

HostGator provides its web hosting and reseller services to over 4 million domains worldwide, and the environmental impact of HostGator servers could be very large if HostGator made use of non-renewable and carbon emitting power resources. By completely running their system on wind energy HostGator is effectively removing 444 cars from the roads for a year or conserving 5,645 barrels of oil. HostGator makes hosting green by reducing its environmental and climate-change impact to zero.

The burning of fossil fuels releases carbon dioxide and other green house gases to the environment. These gases serve as a sheet that traps the sun’s heating radiation within the earth’s lower atmosphere heating it up. The levels of green house gases in the atmosphere is increasing above normal, raising the earth’s temperature and resulting in global warming. This is disturbing the ecological system, and also rising sea levels. It is expected that the frequency and intensity of natural disasters like droughts, floods, hurricane will increase if the climate continues to change at this rate.

HostGator makes hosting green by taking all the possible measures to produce no negative effect on the environment.

How can you Promote Green Hosting?

Due to global warming earth is in a critical state, to slow down the rising climate each and every one of us needs to take action. Promote green hosting by opting for HostGator, and letting others know about it.

You should ensure that you website is powered by green energy. HostGator is one of the best green hosts in the market. HostGator has lowered its profits while taking the green initiative and keeping hosting low priced for you.

You should also let your website users and visitors know that you make use of green hosting, promoting the culture among other web developers.

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