Go with a Static IP on HostGator

HostGator is an excellent hosting service that takes cares of all the technical aspects of your website so that you can succeed. HostGator static IP is assigned to every one of its customers which makes the performance of their sites better.

HostGator Static IP options:

HostGator provides only static, public IPs on its servers. One can choose between shared and dedicated IP for most of the HostGator plans. One can even have unlimited dedicated IPs with Resellers, VPS, and dedicated plans.

Here are different HostGator packages and their IP type options:

Shared Web Hosting: All shared plans come with shared, static IP by default, but there are options for dedicated IP too.

Hatchling Plan: On this plan one cannot have dedicated IP address.

Baby Plan: With this plan one can purchase only one dedicated IP address for a monthly charge of $2.

Business/ Enterprise Plan: This plan comes with a free dedicated IP address, but one needs to claim it by filling an online form at HostGator.com.

Resellers: The plan comes with shared IP. There is no restriction on the number of dedicated IPs one could have with this plan. One can have a dedicated IP for each cpanel which needs to be purchased for $2 / month. Because there is a shortage in the IP address available, one needs to justify his need for a dedicated IP by purchasing a private SSL certificate.

VPS: The plan comes with 2 – 4 dedicated IPs. One can have unlimited dedicated IPs. You can request for additional dedicated IPs by sending an email to HostGator.

Dedicated: 5 dedicated IPs come with the plan, but one can order more without any restrictions by submitting an online form.

So, there are several different options available with the type of HostGator static IP that you can have. Choose the one you need.

How Static IP Helps?

With HostGator dedicated, static IP options you can improve the security of your server by installing a private SSL certificate. HostGator static IP, whether shared or dedicated, can also help you increase your website’s loading speed and improve its SEO ranking too.

For ecommerce having a dedicated static IP carries considerable significance, as it ensures that your website’s server is not shared by other parties and therefore a third person cannot access the sensitive information of your customers. Also, to set up a private SSL certificate on your server you must have a dedicated IP address. A private SSL assures your customers that your website has been protected adequately. With a static IP it is much easier for your DNS server to identify your website and it is loaded faster. It is also helpful with SEO, as search engine is able to identify the IP address of your site which was indexed when it was first visited by its spider, improving your website’s SEO ranking.

What is IP Address?

Internet Protocol address (IP address) is a number assigned to computers on the Internet that helps locate them for communication. Here are different types of IP:

Static: The IP address remains the same.

Dynamic: The IP address can be different at differing times.

Public: The IP address is reachable by any computer in the world.

Private: The IP address is only accessible to computers on the same network.

Shared: Other people can also have the same IP as yours.

Dedicated: The IP address is specifically assigned to you and no one else can have it.

HostGator has provided multiple great choices for its customer’s. Choose the right type of HostGator static IP and ensure the quality, security and popularity of your website.

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