Get a Stylish Website Design on HostGator without Getting a Headache

HostGator has made its name for its ease-of-use, as it provides ways in which even non-experienced programmers can outstanding websites. Even then if those customers run into problems they can always contact the extremely efficient customer service at HostGator, who would assist them in no time.

Built-in HostGator Website Design Software:

SiteBuilder and SiteStudio are two easy to use site-building and designing tools HostGator offers. These tools are included with all HostGator plans for free. The tools come with cpanel. Both are very simple to use and can help anyone create professional style websites. The following steps should be taken to use these HostGator website design tools:

  1. Click the SiteBuilder or SiteStudio icon in cpanel to start the programs. Choose the language you want to use and click start.
  2. Next step is to design your website. These applications offer their own templates. Browse through them and make a selection. Choose the color scheme you want to use by clicking, upload a banner or use one provided by the software, upload your company’s logo, choose menu style, insert footer, and in these simple steps your web pages have been designed.
  3. You will move to the next step in which you have to decide the pages you want for your website. Choose the type of websites, and select the pages you want to use.
  4. Next, add content to each of your web pages. The text editor is very straightforward and can be used like Microsoft Word.
  5. When you are done, publish the website. If you want to make changes to it, you can always do it using your site building software.      

These applications lead you through these steps, which make HostGator website design as simple as “ABC”. Also, for beginners manually designing websites by uploading web page files and images can be very difficult. These scripts require no organized uploading or linking, and advanced websites can be made by anyone. Demos and video tutorials for these tools are available at HostGator official website for your guidance.

Free HostGator Website Design Templates:

HostGator also offers around 4500 free templates to all its customers. For the convenience of HostGator users the templates have been categorized into the type of website they can be used in. The templates aren’t just basic HTML style web pages, but they use Flash as well to create modern and dynamic websites. Selecting a template is very easy using the quick search or browsing through the category you want. You can easily download the template you chose, customize it using HTML editor, and then upload the file on your HostGator account.

Design with other Software Available at HostGator:

HostGator QuickInstall provides a number of free website design software that can be installed almost instantly with just few mouse clicks. The most popular among them are WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. These scripts offer their own templates which can be customized easily using the software platform. They also require only minimal scripting.

HostGator website design options are numerous, and you can use them to design unique and personalized websites in matter of minutes.

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