Count your visitors by Accessing Blog Stats on HostGator

HostGator facilitates its users in every other way to help them create, manage and promote their websites. This includes the availability of comprehensive blog stats to study the trends in behavior of the visitors. It is a very useful feature to help you promote and progress your Hostgator blogs.

Options for Accessing Blog Stats on HostGator:

HostGator cpanel has tools to check statistic reports which are generated by some of the most popular and widely used log file analyzers. The programs that assist you in accessing blog stats on HostGator in the form of systematic reports and graphs are AWStats and Webalizer.

Both AWStats and Webalizer are popular, efficient and free software. They are included among the best web stat software available. They both keep track of:

  1. The number of visitors
  2.  IP address of the visitors.
  3.  The country they are accessing your website from.
  4.  The web pages and images viewed by the visitors.
  5.  What words and phrases were used in your website search?
  6.  The search engine brought visitors to your website.
  7.  The time duration of visits.
  8. The hits on your website i.e. the pages or images visitors requested.

AWStats offers some additional features which include:

  1. List of top 25 visitors on your site.
  2. Top 25 search engines that visited your site and the time of their most recent visit.
  3. The top 25 pages that are visited on your site.
  4. The operating system of your visitors starting from the one that is used the most.
  5. The top 10 browsers used the most by your visitors.
  6. The search keywords and phrases your users entered to reach your site.

Both of these applications help you in accessing blog stats on HostGator by generating graphical and tabular reports, which make it easier to understand and analyze yours site’s activity. The reports are generated on daily, monthly and yearly basis. AWStats generated statistics at hourly basis as well.

Accessing Blog Stats on HostGator using Cpanel:

Cpanel makes it much simpler to access your blog stats. These two outstanding stat scripts are integrated directly into HostGator cpanel. To view the stats find the icon for AWStats or Webalizer under Logs section. Click the icon and select the domain you want to use the stats for. You can select the type of stats you want to view on the next page. With HostGator cpanel you don’t need to enter command lines in your terminal; you can view the stats you want using a graphical interface with just a few mouse clicks.

Why use a Blog Stats Software?

By accessing blog stats on HostGator using blog software you can observe trends in the behavior of the visitors, and bring improvements in your website. For example, if a page attracts more visitors and they stay there for longer durations, then you know what interests your visitors more.

Using blog software you will also have the words and phrases user type in your website search, which gives you an idea of what they are looking for. By having access to the keywords by which people reached your site, you can improve your search engine rating by increasing the use of those keywords in your site’s content.

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