Choosing the right Blog Software for HostGator

No matter what type of website you want, HostGator will surely cover all your needs at a very low price. HostGator is also one of the best blog hosting companies in the market. Hosting from HostGator and use of the best HostGator blog software will ensure the success of your blog.

Blog Software Compatibility with HostGator:

Ensure that blog software is compatible with HostGator Linux based system. Most of the best blog software, which includes WordPress, TypePad, Squarespace, Life type, works perfectly well with Linux.

To ensure that blog software works on HostGator, it must use the scripting language supported by HostGator. HostGator makes use of a Linux server so the scripts supported by HostGator are Linux based which include PHP 3 or 4, Perl 5, Python, Ruby and many more. Many popular open source free Blog applications also rely on these scripts so you have plenty of options available.

Here are the details of some of the top rated HostGator blog software:

WordPress: No blog software beats WordPress in popularity. The software is perfectly supported by HostGator, and it is even available in HostGator’s QuickInstall which means that it can be installed and uploaded in an instant.  WordPress is popular for is straightforward user interface, which enables even inexperienced programmers to develop outstanding blogs. It provides beautiful templates, great editing tools, built-in stat application to view your blog stats in graphical form, and countless other features. It also offers features to improve your blog’s SEO ranking.

Typepad: It is another HostGator compatible blogging application. It has also been graded A+ by expert reviewers. It is not included in HostGator’s QuickInstall, so it needs to be installed and uploaded manually. Like WordPress, it has all the tools to create beautiful blogs, but beginners will need some extra assistance when using this software. The best thing about this application is that you can use it to post blogs using email, PDA and smart phones.

Life Type: Another open source blogging platform, Life Type is also included in HostGator QuickInstall. It features all the tools and capabilities of WordPress, except for SEO support. However, it offers mobile blogging and allows multiple users per blog.

Take Advantage of QuickInstall and Install HostGator Blog Software:

WordPress, Life Type and b2evolution are included in HostGator QuickInstall and Fantastico software library. So they can be installed and uploaded instantly, and you will also get automatic upgrades.

These blogging scripts are well-known as feature rich and easy-to-use software and with HostGator QuickInstall their installation and upload can be carried out within a matter of seconds, with just few mouse clicks. Installing these software manually can be difficult for beginners who may need some extra time and assistance to do it.

In addition, you don’t need to keep track of any upgrades in your blogging software. You will automatically receive an upgrade notification and you can update your software quickly, without any hassle.

Opt for the outstanding HostGator blog software in QuickInstall software library, to get your blog up and running in an instant.

Use blog software that suits your needs and you are comfortable with and upload unlimited posts with HostGator cheap plans that offer unlimited disk space. Fully express yourself with HostGator blog software.

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