Cheap and Affordable Reseller Accounts from HostGator

Want to set up your own hosting business, then HostGator cheap reseller accounts will make it much easier and pleasant for you. HostGator is well-known as the best reseller hosting provider because of its affordable pricing and services that leap over all standards. HostGator will give you all the tools you need, and manage the technical aspects of your hosting server for you. With HostGator cheap reseller hosting, you will have your business up and running in just a few minutes.

HostGator Cheap Reseller Plans:

HostGator provides reseller plans for businesses of all sizes. It offers five different plans; Aluminum, Copper, Silver. These plans provide different disk space and bandwidths. Choose a plan that suits your business needs. All plans offer 20% discount for the first month. Here is an overview of the various plans:

Hostgator Reseller Hosting

Cheap and Affordable Reseller Accounts from HostGator

Aluminum: Suitable for businesses of small size, this plan is great if you are just starting out your hosting business. The plan offers 50 GB disk space, 500 GB bandwidth, and enables one to create unlimited domains. The plan is one of the cheapest reseller plans as it costs only $24.95 per month.

Copper: Designed for small or intermediate sized businesses, this HostGator cheap reseller plan is suited for those who already have clients. It offers 80 GB disk space and 700 GB bandwidth along with unrestricted number of domains. It costs only $34.95 per month.

Silver: This plan will work well for intermediated hosting resellers. It provides 120 GB disk space and a bandwidth of 1000 GB. With this plan unlimited websites can be hosted. You can sign up for this plan with a monthly fee of just $49.95.

Gold: If you are a professional reseller then you should choose this plan. If you are already in hosting reseller business, and want to migrate to HostGator then this plan is the best for you. It offers 160GB disk space, 1200 GB bandwidth and unlimited domains in a monthly fee of just $74.95.

Diamond: This plan will fulfill your requirements for setting up a large hosting business. It provides a disk space of 200 GB with a bandwidth of 1400 GB, along with unlimited domains. It costs just $99.95 per month, which means that you will be making a lot of profit with this plan.

Choose the plan that will fulfill all your current needs, and easily upgrade to a higher plan if your business expands. One cannot even find a reseller plan comparable HostGator cheap reseller packages in the market and the next section explains why.

Why is HostGator Reseller Server the Best?

The qualities that make HostGator the best for your hosting company include outstanding reliability, efficient customer support, great control panel, and many other fabulous features. HostGator allows you to provide hosting services under your own brand name, so you will be virtually setting up your own hosting company.

Nothing will determine the success of your hosting company, but its reliability and security. It has been proven that HostGator cheap reseller ensures an uptime of greater than 99.9%. So your customers will be satisfied with your services as their websites will be running all the time.

HostGator reseller provides an excellent customer support. Whenever you need technical assistance with any issue you can get support via phone, live chat or ticket system. You will not be left alone in your business venture and you will have the opportunity to learn from one of the most experienced hosting business.

HostGator provide free control panels for you and your customers. As an admin you will have access to the latest version of WHM control panel to manage the accounts for your users. You can also monitor your server using this panel. Easy-to-use and feature rich cpanels are available for your customers. You can brand the cpanel with your own brand name.

All this is possible with HostGator cheap reseller plans, with just a maximum investment of $100 per month you will surely make large profits every month.

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