Hostgator Reseller Coupon

Need a Reseller Account Coupon that gives you best discount for your new HostGator Account?

Reselling hosting services offers an excellent income opportunity. The key to success in reselling hosting is to finding a good hosting partner with an excellent reseller program. Hostgator offer just such a service and you can get started now with a deep discount. Use Hostgator reseller coupon and get an excellent deal of $9.94 Off on your first month.

Best Coupon for Aspiring Reseller Businesses Only One Cent for First Month Hosting TOPRESELLER

$24.94 Off HostGator Reseller Account!Save $24.94 on Reseller HostGator Web Hostings

Best Deal for HostGator Reseller Plan

We have researched all available discounts and calculated the discount you will receive off on a reseller accounts using different HostGator reseller coupons. Use TOPRESELLER and you will get 25% discount on all reseller accounts. On an Aluminum Reseller plan from HostGator you will only have to pay $18.72 for signup. This HostGator reseller coupon will also work great for all other HostGator Reseller plans and you will receive maximum available discount.

Choosing the right HostGator Reseller Hosting Plan

HostGator offers five solid Reseller Plans that let you get your own hosting business off the ground. These plans are named:

Aluminum Plan: Offers the least price point along with a nice 50GB space on server hard disk along with 500GB data transfer bandwidth. With TOPRESELLER coupon it
will cost 18.72 cent for the first month and $24.95 each month after that, translates to 49.9 cents per GB for storage space and 4.99 cents per GB in bandwidth as recurring cost.

Copper Plan: Gives you 80GB of disk space and 700GB of data pipe. It costs $26.21 with the coupon for first month and $34.95 thereafter. This amounts to 43.68 cents per GB for storage and 4.99 cents per GB for bandwidth use.

Silver Plan: Gives you 120GB of space and 1000GB of bandwidth. At $37.46 with the coupon for first month and $49.95 recurring, it will cost 41.62 cents per GB for storage and 4.99 cents per GB for bandwidth.

Gold Plan: Gives you 160GB of space and 1200GB of bandwidth. At $56.21 for first month and $74.95 recurring ,it will cost 46.62 cents per GB for storage and 6.24 cents per GB for bandwidth.

Diamond Plan: Gives you 200GB of space and 1400GB of bandwidth. At $74.96 for first month and $99.95 recurring, it will cost 49.97 cents per GB for storage and 7.13 cents per GB for bandwidth.


If you look closely you will find that HostGator’s Aluminum Reseller Hosting plan is best for those just starting out and looking to test the waters in reselling web hosting but Silver Reseller Hosting plan actually offers the best value for the money with lowest rate of 41.62 cents per GB for hard disk space. Barring any other needs such as a need for large server disk
space or bandwidth needs, HostGator’s Silver Reseller plan offer most bang for the buck. You can make HostGator’s Silver reseller account an even sweeter deal with a HostGator reseller coupon TOPRESELLER .

Features of a HostGator Reseller Plan

All HostGator Reseller Hosting plans come with ability to map unlimited domains – you have to buy each domain separately but any number of them can be mapped to a single hosting account.
Unlimited number of subdomains can be created using the free cpanel account that comes with each sub account inside the reseller hosting account. Any number of SQL servers and email accounts can be created. A free easy to use site builder software suite is also included. On top of this hostgator allows customers to buy dedicated IP addresses, SSL certificates and map them in to
client accounts as needed based on a fee.

All business require cash flow to survive and thrive. Web hosting business is no different. In order to make cash flow a reality, businesses need invoicing and CRM software. HostGator includes an effective customer billing software inside the reseller accounts. You can setup customer billing cycle and amount and it will take care of the rest.

Domains reselling can be very lucrative for hosting businesses. HostGator allows its reseller customers to become resellers of enome – a major domain registrar that caters to large volume customers. This gives HostGator resellers a large business leverage This billing software is included even with the basic Aluminum Reseller plan.

On top of all the awesome features, HostGator offers 24×7 phone, email and chat support, video trainings on various aspects of its hosting control panel and software use.

How Does a HostGator Reseller Plan compare against Shared plans

HostGator offers various types of hosting plans. Shared plans are more suited for those bloggers and webmasters that are just starting out. Reseller accounts have features that make them more suitable for those who plan to make a living selling website hosting. Reseller accounts have the ability to create multiple cpanel accounts that can then be used by the users to host their website. Reseller accounts come with billing software. Reseller account gives you custom domain name servers – which is not available with shared accounts. If you are interested in shared accounts please checkout out HostGator Discount Coupons page

HostGator Reseller Accounts vs HostGator VPS

 HostGator VPS account offers an interesting solution, it provides guaranteed CPU, memory and hard disk space. If you have an application that relies on guaranteed resources then VPS is the way to go. VPS accounts however don’t come with all the tools needed to run hosting as a business. 

Outgrowing a Reseller Hosting Plan

When a reseller starts growing one questions often comes up again and again. What do I do when I out grow my space or bandwidth allocation. There are three possible solutions. First and most obvious is to upgrade your plan, if however you are at the largest plan and can’t upgrade any further, you can sign up for a new reseller account. Be sure to use a HostGator reseller coupon when you sign up for a new account. Third option is to move to a dedicated server. A dedicated server allows several times more room to grow compared to a reseller account.

Steps for setting up reselling account

Once you have a domain name for your hosting company reseller accounts are fairly simple to setup. You setup private name severs in WHM, allow 2 hours to 36 hours for the changes to take effect and then start using WHM to create cpanel accounts for clients.

Why get a Reseller Hosting Account?

Ambitious web developers and companies start out by building a blog or website on a shared account. Soon they find themselves adding more domains in to their hosting plan. A blog here, an ecommerce store on a different domain, an information site on another and eventually they find their shared hosting account scratching to a halt. With sever crashes, CPU throttling or file space running out – they find themselves in a crushing situation. If you want to avoid issues like these you can start on right footing by using a HostGator Reseller account. A reseller plan lets you setup your own virtual hosting company. You get a HostGator web hosting manager (WHM) account. That can be used to setup small and large hosting accounts. Resellers use WHM to slice out their hosting space, speed and memory between multiple hosting accounts. If demand inside one of these account grows for more space you can simply move it to bigger hosting account. You can take hosting accounts and resell them, you can develop websites and sell those sites, you can develop web apps, install them on these mini accounts and sell those.