How to Add Additional Subdomains on HostGator?

Being a customer oriented hosting service; HostGator makes it very easy for its users to organize their websites by adding subdomains. There is no limit to the number of HostGator additional subdomains, hence you can create large websites or expand your current site with HostGator hosting.

Why Use Subdomains?

Subdomain is a separate website that does not need a new domain name, and can be created using your current domain. This can be done by changing the www in your current URL with another name. For example if your website domain name is:, then the subdomain name will look like this:

Subdomains are very useful for making large, well-ordered websites. It is also useful to host multiple blogs on single hostgator hosting. If the number of folders in your site has gotten very large, then HostGator additional subdomains are essential for you. You can divide your domain into subdomains, and instead of having long and hard to remember folder path in your webpage name, you will have a short length subdomain name.

You will need to link to subdomain name rather than complex folder paths in your site, making it simpler for you to design websites. It is also very convenient for your users to directly type in easy-to-remember subdomain name to go to specific sections of your site. For example, if someone wants to visit your site forums, then they will just need to type The different departments in your site will have separate websites, making site management easier.

Create HostGator Additional Subdomain with cpanel?

 To create a new subdomain you need to follow these steps:

HostGator additional subdomains

Adding Additional Subdomains on HostGator

  1. Log into your HostGator control panel, and click “Subdomains” icon in domains section on cpanel.
  2. You will see a form on your window; enter the subdomain name you want to use in the “Subdomain” field.
  3. Select the domain name you are creating this subdomain for using the drop-down menu next to “Subdomains” field.  A new subdomain can be created for any addon, parked or subdomain that already exists.
  4. Now you need to enter the location of the root folder from which your subdomain will access its contents in “Document Root” field. Cpanel will automatically generate a name. If you entered “subdomain” as your subdomain name, the “Document Root” field will be set to “/public_html/subdomain” by default. This means that your subdomain will access its content from “subdomain” folder in public_html. You can change the document root to anything that is convenient for you.
  5. Click “Create” button to complete the process.

By following these simple steps you can create your HostGator additional subdomain.

How HostGator Cpanel Simplifies Subdomain Creation?

Following the steps described in last section, one can create HostGator additional subdomain in a matter of 2 clicks using cpanel. The HostGator cpanel has a very easy-to-use and simple interface, and one is automatically led through these steps. The icons and field-names are quite obvious. There is even a video tutorial link above the fields which can assist you with the process. The root name is also automatically generated making the process faster.

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