Clan Hosting on Hostgator – Put your gang in action.

Gaming clans are great way stay in touch with your buddies and share the thrill of network play. Clans not only promote the brotherhood of gaming they also provide an online social experience. You can play against each others with in a clan or go as a team head to head against another clan. Some clans play for fun while others strive for a good social cause. Playing with the gang promotes clan members bond, while playing against other clans can promote team spirit. Most clans have a weekly, monthly or even yearly plan to keep member abreast on upcoming events. This level of co-ordination requires a strong leadership team inside a clan. It also requires a strong technology platform for hosting that can support team activities.

Groovy Games for Gang

First person role play (known as MMORPG games) and real-time strategy games are always fun to play with your friends. At times you will find that the whole gang is so engaged in the game that you lose track of time. Choice of game depends on personal taste; you might find that you like a simulation game more captivating than MMORPG games.

Vital tools that make or break a clan

This brings special emphasis on your web hosting. Imagine that your friends are busy playing game and all of a sudden you sever goes down due to lack of resources or other issues. It can ruin the whole experience. You have to choose clean hosting plan carefully to match your clan’s needs.

To start with, a clan hosting plan needs to accommodate and make sure it can keep up with game speed. Other basic features include voice communication between team members.

Beyond basics the important features to have in a clan hosting is ability to publish content through a CMS system, ability to host discussion board for your clan. This may include a section for announcements. Live chat can also be important. Member profile page become important as your clan grown, this should include ability to host photos, favorite screen shots and personal blogs.

Clan on Hostgator VPN

If you have 4 or more members in your clan and you are looking to host your clan scripts on a sever, it’s generally a good idea to go with at least VPN hosting. Shared and reseller hosting plans are generally not good choices, as they may run short on resources. You don’t want to play a game only to find out that you can’t communicate just when you need it most. Typical clan hosting requires a mix of PHP based scripts. These might include a CMS system such as WordPress, for publish team information, rules, various updates. It might also include phpBB or vBullitin based forums service for team announcements, upcoming events announcements, team discussions and team member profiles.

Clan on Hostgator dedicated

Once you grow beyond 20 members or so you might find that dedicated server is the way to go. Dedicated server requires much more care as setup as compared to VPN. However it also provides speed and performance needed for bigger clans. You can also look in to hosting friendly clans on your own server.

Get started on a discount today

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