Setting up iFolder in cPanel with Hostgator

Keeping security of web server is important task for website owners. You take all measures for safety and security of your hosting to prevent any intrusion attempt and unauthorized access. Proper sharing of different resources like files, folders and user access will enhance the security of your server.  Setting Up iFolder in cPanel web hosting with hostgator will improve the overall security of the server.

What is iFolder?

You may not hear of iFolder but it is useful solution which allows users to share files and folders with other users. Different operating systems like Macintosh, Linux and Windows are using iFolder to share files. iFolder community members and developers are putting constant effort to make it very useful software.

iFolder supports different operating systems and the list is big

  • Mac OS 10.5, 10.5 & 10.6,
  • Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit), Windows Vista (32 and 64 bit), Windows Xp 32bit
  • Opensuse 11.1 and 11.2

iFolder Sharing

Sharing of iFolders is possible between the computers which are running iFolder software version. You can share iFolders between different operating systems like Mac, Windows and Linux computers and use the files and folders across different OS platform. iFolder open source server is available for SuSE 11.1 os.

iFolder Mono Version

C# program is used for writing code for iFolder and it is used .NET mono platform for developing. Mono versions are available for Mac, Windows and Linux platform but testing is not made possible on all platforms.

History of iFolder

Novell innovated and introduced iFolder and it is very useful for sharing files.

For using workgroup of iFolder easy sharing features, one can easily share files across multiple computers with different os platform and it can be shared with local area network (LAN).

With the help of iFolder highly efficient Enterprise Server users can

  • Share files and folders with others PCs and users
  • Save backup copy of important files on a server
  • Restore deleted folders and files from previously saved backup.

Setting Up iFolder in cPanel will help user share the files and folders in a secured manner.

iFolder Server

iFolder is considered as very productive, simple and secure a solution which eventually increases the efficiency of work by providing user with file management facility, backup option and secured file access. After installing iFolder you can easily save your important files locally and iFolder performs the task of automatic updating of files in a networked server environment and deliver them to the computers connected with LAN. iFolder performs lot of tasks like; it can convert any network server as iFolder server. It can publish necessary information to a secured personal folder on server. Once the process of setting up folder is completed, user can easily install iFolder on his\her PC and would be able to download iFolder from his\her personal iFolder. You can invite other users who are using iFolder to share your own files in a secure way. Moreover setting up iFolder in cPanel with hostgator will enhance the security.

iFolder Client

Setting Up iFolder in cPanel will allow user to set up multiple account with the help of iFolder client. The users can specify username, password and server address to identify an account by its unique feature. Setting Up iFolder in cPanel in an enterprise server to synchronize different files and it uses ssl connection and http basic to the server and then the server authenticated the user against the LDAP directory service.

iFolder Installation

During its installation stage iFolder creates 2 administrative user accounts they are iFolder admin user and the iFolder Proxy user. After the installation is over, you can easily configure other necessary user account with proper iFolder administrative privilege to make them at par with admin user of iFolder.

Secure your  iFolder

At the time of setting up iFolder in cPanel you can set “remember passwords” and as a result of this iFolder can synchronize its files and invitations in the background. The iFolder client works automatically each time you sign in to your computer. With hostgator iFolder installation definitely increase the security of cPanel and will make it a very secured for end users. Get hostgator coupons at hostgator discounts.

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