Setting Up a Cron Job on Hostgator

One of the most efficient job scheduler based on the Unix operating system is Cron. Its use has been worldwide. It has also been benefiting an infinite number of users with its incredible number of varieties of tools for the last few years. It has brought a new dimension to the job scheduling program operation. It is a time based job scheduler in UNIX –like OS. This UNIX-like operating system is similar to UNIX system. Cron provides internet users a specific type of schedule job that is its user defined commands and shell scripts. The main use of setting up a Cron Job is that it is used for maintenance of automate system. It is also used in the administration field. Cron Job is also used for many other issues like for internet connection, email downloading etc. Cron Job is a long process. It is a time consuming process which takes into account a number of scripts and commands in order to run properly. Cron jobs are mainly used in UNIX and UNIX based operating system. Cron job is made up of two main elements i.e. command and internal definition.

Setting Up a Cron Job on Hostgator

Setting Up a Cron Job on Hostgator

Crontab File

Cron is configurations file or rather a crontab file that basically specifies command and shell scripts that run on a given scheduler periodically. Users can store or save cron files to that place where other instructions, information and lists of jobs specifically of cron daemon are kept. The important facts of this crontab file are that all users have their own crontab files and they all can edit their files only. One important aspect of setting up a cron job is that only its administrator can edit crontab file. Mainly cron tab files contain job lists. In cron job, one can easily set up their commands or scripts that run periodically during a specific time. In operating system, this cron plays an important role and it is one of the most useful tools in Linux Like and Unix Like operating system. The commands which are used for running a cron program are as follows:

  1. A URL
  2. An output path
  3. An executable option
  4. Configuration option.

Cron Job Email

For addition of a cron job email, users should have to specify an email address where they can receive notification whenever their cron jobs are running. In order to avail this facility one is required to inform the server with their correct email ID where they are to receive their notifications and program alerts. It is also the duty of the user to update their account as frequently as possible in order to receive their latest notifications or alerts round the clock.

Setting Up a Cron Job

Following are the requirements to set up a Cron Job on hostgator:

  1. Configure the Interval: Users are required to configure the interval during which he/she would run the cron job. ‘Common settings’ option allows the user to select the used interval without specifying the settings of minute, day, hour and month etc.
  2. Drop Down Menu: One should have to use the drop down menu to find the ‘minute’ option, specifically to select the number of minutes present between the cron jobs that are running.
  3. Number of Hours: One should have to select the number of hours taken between the cron jobs that are running and the one for which the user wishes to run the Cron job in a specific period of time as mentioned by the user.
  4. Number of Days: One should use this drop down menu to select the number of days present between the running of cron job or the day of month where one user wish to run the cron job.
  5. Weekdays  Selection: One should have to select the weekdays between the cron job running.
  6. Cron Job Table: For viewing the existing cronjob, one should have to display the current cronjob table. In that place, one user can add or delete something from the cronjob program.
  7. Location of the Cron Job: For addition of some changes in the setting up a cron job, one is required to keep in mind some notions such as the location of the cron job so that the user edit or delete depending upon the requirement. In order to avail this option the user is required to make changes in the matter via the ‘edit; option that is available in the tools.

Delete Cron Job

Similarly, for deleting a cron job the user should at first and primarily locate the cron job where the user wants to delete a cronjob and consequently the job would be done by simply a click in the ‘delete’ option.

Corn Job on Hostgator

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