Prestashop Hosting on Hostgator: An ideal hosting solution for online shopping Merchants

In the age of information technology era the e-commerce facility is the most impressive operator for the efficient economic growth of the different nations of the world. HostGator has shown a new dimension to the way how business can be carried out globally. It has benefited innumerable businessmen and industrialists. E-commerce with its high potentiality enables to establish sustainable economic development of the nations as also leads to the promotion of SMEs in the world market. E-commerce acts as a mediator between the public and private sectors of the nations and thereby leads to the overall economic acceleration.

E-Commerce Business

Electronic commerce or E-commerce is a business procedure mainly associated with the online transactions of goods and services. The business is carried out more of electronically than physically. This is because even the financial transactions are also carried out via wire transfer or PayPal. Therefore the entire business procedure is carried out digitally. The cyber world has made it so easy that majority of the corporate and business houses greatly rely on it. It is an outstanding step forward in the world of ecommerce marketing. The estimated value of e-commerce globally in the year 2009 is around 10.12 trillion US dollars, according to the International Data Corp (IDC).

Prestashop Hostgator Hosting

Prestashop hostgator hosting is one such e-commerce platform which provides varieties of features and has made the online business facility easier, better, authentic, safer and secured than ever before. It has been acting as a secured web platform for a number of firms and business houses for the last few years. Initially after being launched in the year 2007 mainly for small and medium sized business projects, it has steady progress upwards. It has been advancing tremendously in the field of ecommerce hosting. Its popularity has been so overwhelming that it has been already launched in 40 different languages. Prestashop hosting takes the aid of AJAX greatly and as a result extra tags and URLs can be added more easily. Thereby its efficiency and extra functionality are increased.

Prestashop Hosting on Hostgator

Prestashop Hosting on Hostgator

Prestashop Features

One of the most prominent features of Prestashop hosting is that it displays the available products and also the top selling products on the homepage itself. It thus automatically enables the owner to keep a track of the business at a glance and therefore it can take the required steps further to make other products more popular among the people. They also provide with the product, its image and the price displayed continuously.  This is done so as to enable the customers to compare the products with other companies online and choose the one which suits them the most. Prestashop hosting also provides free shipping which attracts customers greatly to them.

Prestashop Hosting – A complete secure e-commerce platform

Prestashop hosting is also very strict in regard to the financial transactions online. They readily provide customers with Merchandise Returns (RMAs) and credit slips as soon a transaction is carried out. Every customer’s details are kept in record. Customers are able to view this on opening an account with the web page. On buying each product, Prestashop waits for a customer product review. People all over the globe blog their likings and disliking about the products they had used. Prestashop hosting also takes into consideration customer requirements and therefore the software is designed so as to alert the customers via SMS as soon as a new product is launched or brought in the store. Complete bar codes also flashes in the screen along with the product so as to make the customers rely on them regarding the authenticity of the products.

Services of Prestashop in International Market

Prestashop with its unique provision and facilities has now obtained unique place in the global ecommerce marketing environment. Various companies try to use this software to make their goods and services appear more attractive and reliable with product details. Prestashop hosting thus has given a new ray of hope and aspiration to the budding as well as to the established large business houses by offering with their unique facilities for products and services promotion in the international online stores. For secure and affordable Prestashop Hosting try Hostgator Discounts and grab one of the Coupons.

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