How to host multiple blogs on single hostgator hosting

If you are planning to own a shared web hosting, own one that allows you to host unlimited domains and has a large number of My SQL database to go along with it. Though most shared hosting servers come with one domain exclusively, some provide 3 to 5 additional domains, depending on your package of course.  If you are not ready to shell out extra money you can opt for a hostgator web hosting that allows one website with multiple domains and one share hosting account or couple of websites with individual domain names for multiple domains all under one single shared account. If your web hosting server allows these things then you will be able to host multiple blogs within one shared hosting plan.

If you are wondering how to host multiple blogs on single hosting, you can do that by first figuring out what kind of blog you want to set up. In a hosting plan that allows multiple domains you will be able to set up blogs from wordpress, b2evolution, text pattern or any other type of blogs. For adding a new blog to your web hosting account you can select ‘add on domain name’ in your CPanel.

multiple blogs hosting

host multiple blogs on single hostgator hosting

There, you can add a previously registered domain name to this account and include a DNS to the hosting server. Once you add a new domain name, a new folder is added to your server and you can start setting up your blog within this new directory. Once your blog is set up you can access your new blog through the URL and access your new website that is placed within your existing hosting account.

When many website owners were wondering how to host multiple blogs on single hosting, WordPress 3.0 came up with an apt solution. They incorporated the core of WPMU, called Multi-site option or Network option with the help of which one can run multiple blogs by installing WordPress just once. Since this option is disabled by default, you will have to enable the feature by opening your wp-config.php in your WordPress root folder and enter define (‘WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE’, true, in the file.

How to host multiple blogs on single hosting with the help of WordPress:

For hosting multiple blogs using WordPress, the user has to install each blog separately. Since the WordPress MU codebase has been merged into the core, the 3.0 version has the ability to create multiple blogs which is also called ‘network of sites.’

Since you have to install each blog separately, you will need a web hosting server that provides multiple MySQL database for every blog that you want to install. MySQL is a commonly used and popular Structured Query Language database implementation program that can be used in various Operating Systems including Linux, Windows and Mac.

MySQL database is used by WordPress for storing the blog information and various details like the posts, metadata, comments by those who view the post etc.

WordPress by default adds the prefix ‘wp_’ to the individual MySQL Database, as an user you can change the prefix and assign unique names to each of your blog in your website. If you have three or four blogs in your website you can substitute the prefix in every blogs wp-config.php. Since the wp-config.php files vary for every installation you need to change the following lines:

define (‘DB_NAME’, ‘wordpress’);     // Database name
define (‘DB_USER’, ‘username’);     // Your username in MySQL
define (‘DB_PASSWORD’, ‘password’); // ..and password

The ‘DB_NAME’ is the main title of that individual blog; you will have to edit the ‘DB_USER’ and ‘DB_PASSWORD’ fields. You will also have to upload each wp-config.php files to the root directory.

Once you have setup the ‘wp-config.php’ you can activate all your blogs using the same host after defining the custom user table and if required, the custom user Meta table too.

Following these simple steps should clear your doubts of how to host multiple blogs on single hosting. Hostgator is one of the web hosts that provide unlimited blogs on a single hosting. There are other websites like BlueHost, hostmonster and fatcow that offer similar options. Lets choose your hosting plan and enjoy multiple blogs on a single hosting.

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